Hello all, be nice first one and all.

I don't know if there's another on here for this, but what the heck. I like to be able to get to the pages I enjoy quickly, and I like to do it my way by having something to click on my desktop :)

I do this in a super complicated way probably, I don't know, there most probably is a ten times easier way to do this, but I like the way I do it, it's easy for me and the most convenient way I found to doing it with icons.

I would use the tab menu in chrome, but once you build up a lot of chrome apps and too many pages it gets annoying.

And apologise for the photo ;)

Step 1:

First off; What page do you want to use? To make it easy we'll just go with www.google.com.

You're going to want to make a simple .bat file and save it in a folder in Documents or somewhere that won't be in the way, I have my neatly in my documtents.

The .Bat File: First you need your notepad so go ahead and open it up and all you need to type in is:

start www.google.com

Then save it somewhere nice, when saving make sure you click "View all file types" and that you put "file name".bat (the extension is rather important). Example: "google.bat"
Then hit save.
Running that bat file should open up the google website. But the bat file looks ugly and can't change individual .bat file icons so next step for appearances really.
Why are you using a bat file? You can just drag the link from the broswer to the desktop and change the icon in the same fashion.
I couldn't do that, maybe it's cause I'm using chrome? I can't change the icon for just that one link, I can only change the general icon.

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