Create the Ultimate Noise Cancelling Earphones





Introduction: Create the Ultimate Noise Cancelling Earphones

Today I am going to show everybody how to create earphones that maximize noise cancellation, plus its very simple. Double the fun!

Basically we're going to put together foam ear plugs, which is basically the most noise cancellation you can hope for unless you live on the moon or enter a vacuum chamber to listen to music. LETS GO!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Foam ear plugs
-In-ear headphones
-Extra earcap thingies that should come with your in-ear headphones
-Superglue (I hate this stuff)
-Tweezers (optional)

Step 2: Cuttin' the HOle

This can be up to you as to how you want to create a hole. Well maybe it would be better to call it a tunnel.

I used a cylindrical filer to create this tunnel. Then I also used sharp-tipped scissors to make a bigger hole. Take a filer of some sort and try to clear out the hole a bit. I believe this is the hardest part of this instructable.

Step 3: Cut the Earpieces

Yes, you're going to have to sacrifice one of your earpieces to arrive at a more glorious earpiece. Most in-ear headphones, if not all, should come with different sized earpieces and its likely that you're not going to use the other sizes, so just cut it up!

Basically you want to remove the outer bulb of the earpiece and keep only the piece that keeps your earpiece attached to the headphone. We only need this because it will be the thing that holds our ear foam plug and the headphones together

All we want is that itsy bitsy tube thingy

Step 4: GAHH Superglue

I really hate this stuff

Anyways, we want to apply the superglue to the cut up earpiece. Look:

So apply the superglue to the outer silicon earpiece and not the headphones themselves. Dont actually apply the superglue before looking at the next step.

Step 5: Attaching the 2

Now before you put the headphones into the ear plugs, stretch out the hole of the ear plug so you have more room no get the headphones into the ear plugs.

It should look a little something like that. it looks so cuteee...

Step 6: DONE

You are done! In case you dont know how ear plugs work, you roll them up to make them a very small size, and before they start getting bigger, shove them into your ear. Wait for the plugs to grow in size and you have these wonderful sound canceling headphones.

They really do cancel sound out very efficiently and they look sexy.

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This is "Noise Isolation", not "Noise Cancellation". "Noise Cancellation" uses sound 180 degrees out of phase (usually requiring a microphone in each ear piece) to actively neutralize the sound. Passive noise reduction like foam insulation, provides sound isolation; not cancellation.

Please consider better representing your Instructable as

"Create the Ultimate Noise Isolation Earphones"

By using the word "Cancellation" you are unintentionally misleading people actually looking for a "Noise Cancellation" instructable. And those seeking "Noise Isolation" cannot find your instructable.

I guess you don't have a clue as to what noise cancelling headphones are. That was a waste of 2 minutes of my life. This was ultimate nothing.

They didn't say it was Active Noise Cancelling. That's different.

Ummm I'm from the US and we call those "in-ear headphones" earphones

Noise reduction is what you are doing with these. Noise cancellation is creating a out of phase sound to cancel out the original noise,

Good stuff, saves from buying comply foam tips, I do have noise cancelling headphones but the earbuds are awful and don't stay in. These are the solution. Thanks

I absolutely love this instruct able. I love it so much because of your voice tone, your attitude and completness, and most of all, the way you make something awesome even more awesome and more fun. Thank you so much for making an even better place, for it is people like you that make this site work. Thanks once again. PS: You just made my day. :D

A leather punch would put a fine hole through the ear plug. Just mash the plug into a pancake and punch.

mine can pretty much do without cutting/gluing i think