Picture of Create visually appealing Instructables
Want make an Instructable that is visually easy to follow? Has less people asking how its done 'because I cant see what goes on behind your hand'?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a better picture is worth far more. Keeping that in mind, the better the picture is composed, the less you should need to write. To see an example that I have created, see my Instructable on how to tie a bowline knot here.

Step 1: Photographic equipment

Picture of Photographic equipment
The quality of the camera can make a difference to the overall quality of the image, but there are some other factors that can make a bigger difference and that's what I'll be focusing on (pun not intended).

You'll essentially need three things.
- A camera with a built-in flash (or a way of remotely triggering a flash) and a countdown timer.
- A method of mounting your camera (tripod or bean bag) while you trigger the timer and get yourself into position.
- And lastly a flash that can be triggered either by another flash (slave mode) or cable or even a remote.

To take these pics, I have used a Fujufilm F470 camera and a second LumoPro flash triggered optically. As you can see, it's not the camera, it's the way you use it.
nlsnglls4 years ago
what does it do?
ayoung5 (author)  nlsnglls4 years ago
I don't quite know what you mean.
astroboy9074 years ago
Hahaha oh my gosh I took a look at your main photo, read the title, and thought "Ohmygosh he must be joking to think the main picture has anything to do with the subject"... so I took a look at this. Really good ible- I usually keep up doing a few of these tips, but definitely not all of them- I will be adding a little white photo shoot spot to my desk :) Thanks for the tips! I'm only an amateur (so no add on remote flash- yet) but I have an ok camera that gives me good results. And I can definitely say its the photographers fault most of the time- not the cameras.. Makes me sad how people have a camera but dont know how to use it... Great project!
Me too!
gogglecrab4 years ago
I have a question, My camera has a build in flash but it always ends up looking like the third photo in this, So should I add extra lighting from the surrounding or try to tweak the camera?
you can add extra light if you have it available. another solution is to use a tissue or paper napkin in front of the flash to help diffuse it to get better lighting in your picture
ayoung5 (author)  Lorddrake4 years ago
Yeah, have a look at http://www.instructables.com/id/Camera-Hacks/ there's a couple of simple hacks there. http://www.instructables.com/id/Cigarette-Packet-Flash-Diffuser/ looks like it could work for you.