Picture of Create birds!
Create your own Birds for the community street art project windowzoo and become an artist yourself!
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Adhesive black plastic foil
Adhesive transparent plastic foil
Cutting mat

You can draw the Bird or you can print a picture you have or found.
You can use any adhesive foil - the color does not matter - I most of the time use black for nice contrast. If you can find transparent foil that is not too adhesive, take it. We use it as a carrier film for the finished bird and it helps if it does not stick too much.

Step 2: Prepare black foil

Picture of Prepare black foil
Cut black foil so it covers the bird.

Step 3: Tape foil to mat, add Bird on top

Picture of Tape foil to mat, add Bird on top
Tape the black foil to the mat.
Crop the Bird to what you need and put it on top.
Tape the Bird to the mat too.

Tape it on every edge at least. When cutting out the Bird you will turn the mat a couple of times and the better it is fixed, the easier the cutting will be.

Step 4: Cut the Bird!

Picture of Cut the Bird!
Using the cutter follow the edge of the Bird and cut it out. Don't try to follow the edge of the Bird too precisely, but try to make natural edges. Sometimes it is easier to turn the mat in one or another angle to cut. Try to make sure you join cutting lines in corners. You can also correct this later, but think of it now...
Also make sure you don't forget to cut any edge that makes out the Bird!

Step 5: Remove Bird and correct errors

Picture of Remove Bird and correct errors
Remove the Bird so only the black plastic foil remains taped to the mat. Take a look at the foil. Have you made all the edges? Do the corners join? you can correct mistakes with the cutter.

Step 6: Skin the Bird

Picture of Skin the Bird
Remove all the black foil around the Bird. Stick it somewhere on the table edge, we'll use it later. Find a way not to skin the portions that have the scotch that keeps the Bird down.
davidbarcomb7 months ago

Cool and simple. I like this very much

oh man what a fun project, I use birds in alot of my work so this totally suits me!
windowzoo (author)  Yvonnepaigeness8 years ago
thank Yvonne - would love to see some of your birds for windowzoo!
TangMu8 years ago
These are great - an alternative to wheatpasting or stencils if you are upto mischief. I would be tempted to mess around with adding colours in there too but a strong black silhouette is probably more striking.
windowzoo (author)  TangMu8 years ago
You got it TangMu!
trebuchet038 years ago
For some reason.. I like it :) Very good documentation too ;)
windowzoo (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Thanks trebuchet03 - we'll see how many people actually take the trouble... :)