Picture of Create windowzoo.com birds!
Create your own Birds for the community street art project windowzoo and become an artist yourself!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Adhesive black plastic foil
Adhesive transparent plastic foil
Cutting mat

You can draw the Bird or you can print a picture you have or found.
You can use any adhesive foil - the color does not matter - I most of the time use black for nice contrast. If you can find transparent foil that is not too adhesive, take it. We use it as a carrier film for the finished bird and it helps if it does not stick too much.
davidbarcomb9 months ago

Cool and simple. I like this very much

oh man what a fun project, I use birds in alot of my work so this totally suits me!
windowzoo (author)  Yvonnepaigeness8 years ago
thank Yvonne - would love to see some of your birds for windowzoo!
TangMu8 years ago
These are great - an alternative to wheatpasting or stencils if you are upto mischief. I would be tempted to mess around with adding colours in there too but a strong black silhouette is probably more striking.
windowzoo (author)  TangMu8 years ago
You got it TangMu!
trebuchet038 years ago
For some reason.. I like it :) Very good documentation too ;)
windowzoo (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Thanks trebuchet03 - we'll see how many people actually take the trouble... :)