Step 9: Free the Bird!

Now you're finished - all that remains is fun:

Find a spot where you wanna set the Bird free, do it (now you see how the carrier film can be handy), take a pic of it and put it in our Flickr pool! You're an artist now.

There are many other ways we use to make Birds including lots of computer work and robots to cut them out (the big ones) but this is the basic process. Every bird you see on windowzoo was born like that. Sometimes from a drawing, sometimes from a picture taken, sometimes from a picture found on the net...

Sometimes you will also have to go back to where you set the Bird free and take another picture - dayshot/nightshot/actionshot...


can't fake freedom
<p>Cool and simple. I like this very much</p>
oh man what a fun project, I use birds in alot of my work so this totally suits me!
thank Yvonne - would love to see some of your birds for windowzoo!
These are great - an alternative to wheatpasting or stencils if you are upto mischief. I would be tempted to mess around with adding colours in there too but a strong black silhouette is probably more striking.
You got it TangMu!
For some reason.. I like it :) Very good documentation too ;)
Thanks trebuchet03 - we'll see how many people actually take the trouble... :)

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