Picture of Create a Harley Quinn Hammer on the Cheap!

Intro and Materials:
Who doesn't love Harley Quinn and her Puddin’? I set out to make a cool looking themed weapon prop for my Harley Quinn costume this year, and I always like doing things crafty and on a budget. I thought, I could make that! (Something like what she uses here, for example.)

I spent $6 at a dollar store (my local Dollar Tree, if you’re wondering) on the following items:
-1 handle yanked out of “Lobby Dust Pan” according to sticker ($1)
-2 Red plastic garbage cans to connect end to end for a big mallet head (other materials will work—get creative and keep an eye on your recycle bin before taking it out to the curb). ($2)
-3 rolls colored duct tape (I bought 2 red to match the garbage cans and one black for accents, but I stick haven’t needed to open the 2nd red 10 yard one yet - $3)

Other Found/Reused Materials Free at Home:
-Bag of plastic bags bound to go back to store for recycling
-Weekly sales circulars, old crumpled tissue paper, puzzle pieces and a destroyed old book.
(Both of the above were used as packing materials to make the mallet head solid and sturdier. I went a little over board with the old puzzle pieces and destroyed paperback—one side of my mallet is too heavy and it leans to that side.)
-Fairly large square of sturdy corrugated cardboard for the ends of each side of the mallet, taken from my bag of paper recycling
-Black permanent marker for dot guides and decoration
-Beer bottle caps to give the ends of the mallet head a studded look under black duct tape.
-A cool looking joker card harvested from a cheap/free deck of cards
-Extra roll of silver duct tape for extra underlying securing

Trolled the cleaning aisle for something with a good handle that was easily removable—I found success with a floor broom sweeping tray and asked my husband to yank out the handle with his man strength. (It’s not sexist, I just didn't want to hurt myself doing it by accident. ^_^) Also kept an eye out for something big enough to make up the cartoonishly large end of a hammer/mallet. This took a couple trips on different weeks until I saw the perfect red colored small plastic garbage cans.

This has just been updated with some fun outfit photos from when I went to work dressed as Harleen Quinzel, and my coworker Jonathan. I also wore this to the closing for my house on Halloween. (Oct 2013)

Here is just one example of another great version, here's another, and there was one on a forum that layered a handle with buckets and frisbees for the ends, but i can't find it just now...

Love this tutorial! When I was building my hammer I remembered your steps and making it was a piece of cake. I did end up using a wooden handle and switched up the design though. Thanks a ton! :)
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