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I have put together a papercraft template to create your own 17.5 inch Minecraft sword.  The template is spread over five sheets of A4 paper and relatively easy to create.

What to do?

Download the templates and save to your computer.

Print Out the sword templates.  I used glossy photo paper for the blade and matt card for the cross-guard and grip but its up to you.

Cut the Minecraft sword out.

Fold all the tabs and guidelines.

Before you glue be sure you understand what parts go where and once you're happy go ahead and glue.

That's it.  I've made the templates as self-explanatory as I can so good luck and enjoy.


Taraninder5music (author)2015-07-10

do make other swords like diamond, gold, etc

Johnathanman (author)2013-08-25

do a create your own minecraft bow and arrow papercraft template please

FPSXGames (author)Johnathanman2013-08-27

Yeah sure I will do at some point thanks. Good idea :)

pcanywii (author)FPSXGames2014-05-29

That would be a good idea. Do it! Like?

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