Picture of Create your own Minecraft textures
Sometimes the default skin can be boring and its pretty easy to create your own.

What you need:

Winrar or some extracting program
Minecraft (duh)

For your convenence I have included a default texture pack for you to edit and my homemade splinter cell texture pack.
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Step 1: Finding the files

Picture of Finding the files
Click start and then run.
Type in %appdata%
click Minecraft
Click Bin
And extract Minecraft.jar

Step 2: Editing your textures

Picture of editing your textures
the list of files:

Achievement (don't touch)
Armor (cloth, iron, chain, gold, diamond)
Art (painting)
Com (don't touch)
Environment (clouds Rain snow)
Font (don't Touch)
Gui (inventory items)
Item ( arrows, boat, cart, door, sign)
Lang (don't touch)
META-INF (don't Touch)
Misc ( nothing really of value)
Mob( your Avatar, animals, Monsters)
Net (don't Touch)
Paulscode(don't Touch)
Terrain (sun and Moon)
Title ( don't recomend touching
Pack.PNG (picture on select texture screen)
Pack.TXT (texture description)
Terrain.PNG ( block Textures)

And a bunch of "Class" files(don't edit)

Step 3: Gimp Time

Picture of Gimp Time
open gimp and enjoy.

Can u post an instructable for making a texture pack for a mac?

crazykiddo3 years ago
meta inf delete stupid /just kidding mybe