Learn how to create your own "pop art" using Picasa.

Step 1: Step 1 - Requirements

You will require :

1. Picasa or higher

If you don't already have Picasa you can download it from http://picasa.google.com

2. A clear picture of yourself

3.Any other picture you like. ( Preferably with bright colors and not too many details. )

You can see the pictures I have chosen.
our school did that with alot of little pics of students and made a pic of Jesus.
i hope you go to a christain school  public schools should not be doing that
oh yeah its a Christian school! ,rockbridge acadamy
in md
I often wonder how anyone knows what Jesus looked like, but I suppose it's the same as Santa Claus, i.e. it doesn't really matter... L
well the Bible mentoins things on it a few places
Does it mention: complexion, hairstyle, eye-colour, nose, beard / moustache, teeth, eyebrows, ears, chin....? L
well just a few things here and there nothing that acurate
Think about giving a description to the cops - could they come up with a good "artist's impression" I wonder...? L
Very Cool! (Nice selection by the way....) Great Instructions, very easy to follow! A+
Thank you RedMeanie!

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