Step 5: Step 5 - Adding to the Grid

1. Now go back to the collage on Picasa.

2. Select the "Clips" tab.

3. Now click on the "Get more" option.

4. Select all the 40 or more copies of the black and white image that you imported from the desktop.

5. Click the " Back to Collage" option at the bottom of the window.
our school did that with alot of little pics of students and made a pic of Jesus.
i hope you go to a christain school  public schools should not be doing that
oh yeah its a Christian school! ,rockbridge acadamy
in md
I often wonder how anyone knows what Jesus looked like, but I suppose it's the same as Santa Claus, i.e. it doesn't really matter... L
well the Bible mentoins things on it a few places
Does it mention: complexion, hairstyle, eye-colour, nose, beard / moustache, teeth, eyebrows, ears, chin....? L
well just a few things here and there nothing that acurate
Think about giving a description to the cops - could they come up with a good "artist's impression" I wonder...? L
Very Cool! (Nice selection by the way....) Great Instructions, very easy to follow! A+
Thank you RedMeanie!

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