Step 12: Organizing.

Place all of your items into the respective pockets you had made for them.
I am sewing this right now :)
I hate sewing... so I made this out of duct tape :D
i have a compass on my windshield you might want to look in to that i bought mine at big box store for $5
I never drive or navigate but I can adapt this to hold my mp3 player, a small book, and a mini camera.
We road trip all the time and I am the navigator. I usually have everything stuffed into a large tote, where it gets full of trash, pencils break, etc. This is such a great solution and is sending me to the old material stash.. I'm going to use iron-on tape when ironing the edges of the pockets under to reinforced them. Since I have a sewing machine, I'll also use my double-needle mode where convenient. I may do velcro too. Never thought about a good flat compass to include for our hiking. 5 stars!

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