Create Your Own Y-Parametric Table - More Artistic Furnishings!





Introduction: Create Your Own Y-Parametric Table - More Artistic Furnishings!

This is my second single sheet plywood furniture instructable! If you missed the first, the Fishbone chair, please check it out! This too I made at the Techshop!
This was another instance of me scouring through the internet late at night, and saw something that caught my eye! A piece by Krystian Kwiecinski that was beautiful in form and function, and it inspired me to create my own design. I don't know why she called it parametric, but the name represented the idea of creating curves and contours through equations to me. So it sounded cool as well.
I think it was more the unique physics in play that grabbed my attention, but I thought it was worth trying out the good ole 3D design program again to see if my own creation would work.

It took me about 6 hours of 3D designing, sans sanity breaks, to get out these initial designs put together, but I was entertained by figuring out how to make the mini-animation

Step 1: Components

A little creative twist to update to my basic component forms, and I have what I think are some pretty good plans.
Basically, all you need is to get the leg, the support triangle, and the pegs set. The tabletop is pretty easy once you know the basics.
I cut down the dimensions of this piece to less than a single sheet (Half Sheet!!!!), mainly because I didn't need a full sized table, so I set it at about coffee table height, and only about 4 feet long

Step 2: Cut and Finish!

Again, at the Techshop woodshop, but this time in Menlo Park, I finally was able to get in a couple hours on the ShopBot and got to cutting. 60 minutes later I was sanding, and then headed home to grab some dinner and put it all together for a dry fit.

Step 3: Final Results!

At home to do a little fine sanding, and a dry test fit.
I left it outdoors overnight and the feral cats that seem to love my backyard for some reason, decided to walk all over it. :-(
A quick linseed oil coat to protect and highlight the natural grain is the only step after this dry fit.
And.... VIOLA!!!
A designer table!
One thing to note is that I do not use any screws, nails, or glues. This is all slotted furniture for easy assembly and awesome looks! 




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    This is beautiful work, a really great job. I am considering doing this in steel using 1/4" sheet steel. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Thank you. I would really like to see how the steel version turns out. Are you planning on using a waterjet, cnc, or cut by hand?

    Hi, I really like the no glue, screw or nail joints. Do you have a digital drawing (dxf or dwg)?

    The shopbot files and vCarve are available through Etsy, however, if you would like the DXF format, I can post those up there as well

    Yeah that would be great, any luck?

    The shopbot files and vCarve are available through Etsy, however, if you would like the DXF format, I can post those up there as well

    Sweet! I've just received my free Riot Points!

    >> <<

    Tapped plastics is your friend. You can email them the cad file And they will fabricate and deliver the table to you.

    You mean TAP Plastics, right?
    They are indeed very awesome.

    Yes, they are. And you are correct regarding the name.