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Nearly every true computer geek has, at some point, wanted to write an operating system. However, writing a custom kernel and other bits takes years of study, experience and patience. If you intend to keep your sanity, then the best course of action is to use someone else's code.

Cosmos*, or C# open source managed operating system, is a pre-made kernel that provides you with "OS legos" that allow you to quickly and easily create your own operating system.

You will need:

@ Microsoft Visual C# 2008.

@ A knowledge of the C# programming language (don't worry if you don't have this, it's a pretty easy language).

@ The Cosmos user kit (milestone 4).
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Step 1: Getting the software

Picture of Getting the software
Let's do a run down of the necessary software mentioned earlier.

Microsoft Visual C# can be downloaded free if you get the express edition. You can download it at You can also download the entire Visual Studio including visual basic and visual c++ as an ISO image (these can be tricky, see below for details on reading ISO images). Even on a blazing fast computer, downloading visual studio will take two hours at most, though.

WARNING: make sure that you get the 2008 edition and not 2010. This may seem backwards, but the Cosmos user kit has yet to support 2010.

The cosmos user kit is the platform that we will write our OS in. It's an all-in-one micro-kernel operating system that is written in 100% C#. You can download it at

A note about ISO images:

If you opted to download the entire visual studio, then you're going to need to read the ISO image file. An ISO image is a map of a virtual DVD, using the same encoding as any other disk. You have two option: Use a program like nero or roxio to burn the image to a CD-ROM then insert that disk into your computer and download it (The latest Windows XP comes with Roxio, and Windows 7 comes with Nero pre-installed. Other than that, you will almost certainly find something on your computer that will burn a CD. Explore a bit), or you can use Daemon tools lite edition to read the file directly.

Daemon tools lite is free and can be found at

A: After downloading it, running the setup program, and re-booting, fire up Daemon tools and click Add File (the picture of the CD with a plus sign).

B: Find the image, and open it.

C: Now, select the file and click Mount. A popup (see pic')  will show you some options, click "run setup.hta". This will install Visual Studio. Alternatively, you can find setup.hta in the virtual drive that was created, located in My Computer under Devices with removable storage.
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Jerilj8 days ago

Is it easier to Develop an OS from UNIX

gizidda13 days ago

Nice tutorial, could you make one that uses VB.NET instead of VC#.NET?

sci4me3 years ago
Alrighty, so I am trying to use Visual C# 2010 Express with the newest version of Cosmos. So it works, but when I build it, I get an error. And that's with the default code! I did add refrences to Cosmos.Hardware and all that and it still doesn't work! The error is about Cosmos.Hardware.Hardware... cant find it? Do you know of any way to fix this? If I use MS4 is 2008 Express, it works like a charm. But I want to use the newest version! Any ideas? Also, thanks for a great tutorial! It helped a lot! :)
sci4me sci4me2 years ago
no one is gonna help me huh?? hmmm...
krask156 sci4me18 days ago

I don't think there is any way, unless there has been a recently released update...

ozonspace22 days ago

Hi everybody, I have plan to make an operating system with newest technology:

Artificial intelligence: Devices using this OS can communicate with other devices and people like people communicate together.

Very Easy: Anyone can use it, from very young to very old with simpliest command.

Run on any device: Robot, smart armor, watch, mobile, compute, ring, home,...

And Cloud, IoT, AR,...

AI is core! And we'll make new programming language for this OS.

Some new hardware will coming with this OS too.

Contact me at: if you interested.

I need somebody known: Assembly, graphics, security, AI, hardware.

vivekb11 month ago

hey guys . I am Vivek Bamnelkar from India. I am also looking for a team . I have everything from plan to strategy , layouts , prototype projects and other stuff ready . I want to launch a company like "Apple" . The last thing i need is skilled , creative ,people . With your cooperation we can do it all together guys and become millionares!!

This is a golden opportunity.

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TylorD1 vivekb11 month ago

i wanna join

can you also do this for android devices
TopHatP2 months ago

Hey; is anyone interested in designing a NEW operating system? (yes, of course) I plan for it to be a simple beginner's project, requiring minimal involvement (not complex). I need a few helping hands. I happen to know C 98, C++11 (working on 2014) and am learning NASM assembler. I need someone who knows Assembler and Linux systems, in general. If you can help (and are interested), please contact me:

HafsaR2 months ago

i also wanna make my own o.s. kindly help me...

Friends I want to make a team .I have an idea
I am looking for a team
We should work together and make our new productions..
contct me

Love this, i would love to make an OS for myself, something simple and without IE and such unnecessary programs.. Something that would be good for Gaming, Coding, 3D Modeling, Animating and such.

Friends I want to make a team .I have an idea
I am looking for a team
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cooldude.yes2 months ago

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JoeyA12 months ago

I'm already working on an operating system. It's called Fallen OS, and if you want to help, I'm looking for someone who knows assembly. Contact me at It's Gaming based, and uses a GNOME interface.

JoeyA12 months ago

I'm already working on an operating system. It's called Fallen OS, and if you want to help, I'm looking for someone who knows assembly. Contact me at It's Gaming based, and uses a GNOME interface.

Tornadot2 months ago
Friends I want to make a team using (Team Foundation Server) in Microsoft
Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
I am looking for a team
We should work together and make our new productions..
Sir, I would also like to be part of that team.  But I only have visual basic 2010 express  and visual studio 2012 express. If you could please contact me at, that would be nice. Thank you.
I am a extreme programmer. I hard code 24/7. No school. Would be cool if we can share some tips, work on something awesome;
RobinH2 lilses4 months ago

hey. i need help making an os. can we team up sometime. i have some schooling with software (self and classroom) but, I would like some help. I am just learning JavaScript and C++, so i know the basics. Plz and Thanks

Eth.main RobinH23 months ago

I can team up with you if you want :) I am a good programmer trust me :) add me on facebook: and anyone can add me if they need help or want to team up with me anytime,

Hey i could work with you hit me up on kik at AndroDevcd I know C++, javascript, really good at java..xml..
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I'm Joe, I am a 13 year old programmer with medium visual basic knowledge.

I can make programs like advanced web browsers, database tools, system information and tweaking utilities. etc. Have had about 7 years computer technic experience and about 2 years programming experience. (Self taught.)

Contact me if you please,

Joe Channing

Hi I'm Aaron. I have no computer programming knowledge but I have some really great ideas for UI design, but the problem is that I have no way to display them or ever have them come to fruition without someone with extensive programming knowledge. Thanks!

Hi! I have a bit of skill on Visual Basic Programming, i can make medium difficulty Windows Applications, not a big fan of Visual Studio Online.

In a scale if 1 to 10, 1 being a dude who just made a .bat app, 10 being the best programmer at Microsoft, i think i'm a 5, 6. I'm learning C# at the moment!


Hi I'm Zac. I'm currently studying IT which involves programing, I'm
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