Introduction: Create Your Own Radio Broadcast From an Itrip

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In this you'll have a working radio "station" of sorts. the range won't be great but it'll work for everyday use.

For this you'll need

-itrip and software
-antenna or length of wire
-soldering gun (optional but recommended)
-hot glue gun (optional)
-wire stripper (helpful)

Step 1: Expose Antenna

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On the top of your itip min you'll notice a sticker like white covering if you pry this up you'll expose the antenna lift this up but be careful if you rip it out your screwed.

Step 2: Expose and Solder

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Next take the antenna and very carefully remove a bit of insulation from it exposing the wire within. Wire strippers would be useful here but you can use a knife.

Next with your old antenna solder it to the itrip antenna to form a larger antenna.

if you don't have a solder gun you can use some electrical tape but i recommend a solder gun.

an antenna can be substituted for bit of old wire wound around the groves of a wood screw to form an exceptionable coil. make sure to leave a tail on top. this can be slipped in to a fast food drink straw to provide a case.

Step 3: Finish

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finally hot glue the whole assembly to the back of your itrip to form a nifty looking device make sure to cover the contact point between the itrip and the antenna with glue to prevent falling part.


coretj (author)2008-09-16

what is the range for this?

Inmate1440 (author)coretj2008-09-30

about 200ft but more if their is no obstructions.

the_mad_man (author)Inmate14402009-05-30

so you can't run pirate radio from this?

Inmate1440 (author)the_mad_man2009-06-03

well if you were to amp up the power sufficiently then yes but it's illegal to broadcast more than 200ft or something so just make sure that its covert

the_mad_man (author)Inmate14402009-06-04

screw the government. and it would need to be an RF amp to work I would think.

Inmate1440 (author)the_mad_man2009-06-04

what ever works

TheWelfareWarrior (author)2008-09-16

Could you amplify it perhaps? Maybe mod it more?

possible im looking for a way to amplify power output of the antenna

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