Breaking your wrist watch band sucks.Let's take that problem and make it work for you.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

All you'll need is your watch face and a piece of thin material. This time, I used a scrap piece of floral printed material from a dress I modified. You can easily use almost any material for this. I have used lace, ribbons, thin leather, etc.
<p>This DIY Strap looks very stylish and cool!<br>I wear Sykla smartwatch that I bought at http://sykla.com</p>
I agree with mustachecat It's very beautiful your creation. Also to avoid to close it would be better To have a closing system to avoid collapsing the flow of blood in your veins.
What about taking it off?????? You made it look pretty tight... <br>
Looks neat! Maybe you could make a closing system, where you don't have to tie it around your wrist everytime.

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