Introduction: Create Yourself ATMEGA128 a Simple Tone Generator

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Hello guys,

In this project I want to share my experiment on ATMEGA128 generating a simple tone,
I have created 8 tones ( 1 octave )
Let's get started!!

Step 1: Prepare the Components

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Let's prepare the components,

We need :
1. Speaker, just buy the cheap one.
2. ATMEGA128
3. LM386
3. Blue LCD
4. ATMEGA8 debugger

And let's do the code

Step 2: Now, Let's Do the Code

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For this experiment,
We'll use Timer1 on ATMEGA128 for the main tone generator,
I used CTC mode for this purpose.

I'm using Atmel Studio for developing the code,

Step 3: Let's Watch the Video....

Picture of Let's Watch the Video....
That's it guys,

Let's watch the video for it.
ATMEGA128 is doing one octave


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