This weekend I have made myself a clock with battery sensor, temperature sensor and alarm,
I'm using ATMEGA128 for it.

Let's get started

Step 1: The Components I Used

I used this components to build my clock :

1. ATMEGA128
2. LCD 16x2
3. Speaker
4, Some buttons
5. DS1307
6. I made myself a PCB, if you need one just contact me,
I have some spares for creating this project.

Now let's continue on the code....

Step 2: The Code for This Experiment

The main code for this experiment is the eeprom,
we need to write and read eeprom on atmega to set the alarm

I give the main idea for it :

case 2:
         if (alarm_minute >= 60)
          alarm_minute = 0;
         eeprom_update_byte (&minute_ee, alarm_minute );
         state_var = SET_ALARM_MINUTE;

next step, let's watch my experiment .....

Step 3: Enjoy the Video Mates !.....

Let's enjoy the video :

I set the alarm to run for 1 minute....
Till the next experiment..

can u explain more on battery sensor?
What code did you use with the RTC

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