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Introduction: Create a PDF

This is my first Instructable, so go easy on me. Creating a PDF file is very simple. PDFs are very useful. Although you can not edit the text once you have created it, It is a great format for proof reading, making notes, and many other things.

Step 1: What You Need

The only thing you need for this is adobe acrobat, and a web page, text/word document, or anything else you can print. If you don't have acrobat, you can get a free, 30 day trial here.

Step 2: Find What You Want to Turn Into a PDF

First, find what ever you want to turn into a PDF. This could be a word document, a web page, a picture, any thing you can print.

Step 3: Print

Go to print the document like you normally would, but don't pres print. Don't use a short cut that will print it to the default printer.

Step 4: Print to Acrobat

Now go to the drop down menu where you chose the printer, and chose "Adobe PDF" You may have to install it as a new printer. Once you have selected that, you can pres print.

Step 5: Done

Now just, when prompted, select where you want to save the PDF, pres save, and you are done. It might take a few seconds, but just leave it until it opens Acrobat, with your PDF open.



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    Creating a PDF with Acrobat is pretty straight forward. But i'd say there are cheaper or even free alternatives for home use.

    ... or just get and use its "export to PDF" function.