Creating a Realistic 3D Flag in PhotoShop!!!





Introduction: Creating a Realistic 3D Flag in PhotoShop!!!

This instructible will teach you how to make a realistic looking flag, but not only can this effect be used for flags It can be used for almost anything

Step 1: First Things First!

get your self a picture of some fabric and a picture fo a flag, you can use mine if you like.

Step 2: Put Both Images Into Photoshop

Open your fabric and your flag image and then apply gaussian blur to your fabric picture
(Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) and experiment with the radius to hide the detail of the fabric, keeping only the folds.

Step 3: SAVE!

Save your image as a PSD file (File > Save as). I saved mine as fabric.psd

make sure you save as a PSD or the next few steps wont work out.

Step 4: Next Up: the Flag Image

Start working on your flag image. Apply the displacement map filter to your flag with your fabric photo, mine is the fabric.psd file. (Filter > Distort > Displace)

use the same settings as i have done in the picture.

Step 5: Take a Look So Far

this is what i have got, maybe have a rest have a cuppa' and a biccy

Step 6: Adding the Wavyness

Go back to your fabric picture and select the whole thing with your marquee tool or simply by using ctrl+a, copy (ctrl+c), paste it (ctrl+v) onto your flag picture and change the layer mode to "Hard Light".

yeah.. Hard.

Step 7: Your Finished!

take a look at your artwork.. remember this effect can be used with allmost any picture try doing one of a friends face or make a wavy house!

vote for me to win, and i'll give you a cookie.

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can you do a custom flag ?


Imagine making a comic with that idea, people would respect the art work.

cept it wouldn't be art, it would be something that photoshop has done for you

My software is adobe photoshop CS5 ,and i can't do the step 4 ,can anyone help?

 I don't have the programs for this, but can someone do this to my avatar icon, please?