Picture of Creating A Realistic 3D Flag In PhotoShop!!!
This instructible will teach you how to make a realistic looking flag, but not only can this effect be used for flags It can be used for almost anything

Step 1: First things first!

Picture of first things first!
get your self a picture of some fabric and a picture fo a flag, you can use mine if you like.
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SebastianC44 months ago

can you do a custom flag ?

dani.sheikh.359 made it!1 year ago

Make The Pakistan flag


here it is

usama.sandhu2 made it!1 year ago


1280px-Flag_of_Pakistan 3d.jpg
dani.sheikh.359 made it!1 year ago

Make The Pakistan flag

Sadique Khan Pk made it!1 year ago

My CV. I Made It.

philippine flag.jpg
asmir0043 years ago
Bosnian Flag
alaoeneye6 years ago
Imagine making a comic with that idea, people would respect the art work.
cept it wouldn't be art, it would be something that photoshop has done for you
Still art :3
My software is adobe photoshop CS5 ,and i can't do the step 4 ,can anyone help?
Albanian Flag
JohnJY5 years ago
 I don't have the programs for this, but can someone do this to my avatar icon, please?
Here you go
94 copy.jpg
Wow! Thanks!
Nienna2475 years ago
After I saw this instructable I thought I'd give it a go and experiment with a whole variety of textures that I downloaded off Google.
Here's a preview of what I did:

This is a very neat trick, even my mum who has more photoshop know-how than me marvelled a it.

south_african_storm_flag-swirled SMALL.jpgsouth_african_storm_flag-Sheeted SMALL.jpg
TyMan2105 years ago
One more.
 I made a couple more:
jamiec535 years ago
'You're finished' is what it should say. Sorry, I couldn't resist!
peeperman6 years ago
thanks my friend! here is mine, the greek flag
Greek Flag.png
That's the scottish flag, the upper-left hand corner of the greek flag, and the greek naval jack...

Look here
That's only the upper left-hand corner of the Greek flag.
Derin6 years ago
can somebody tell how to do it in gimp?
12tigers Derin6 years ago
wow thats ghetto... really? gimp?
Derin 12tigers6 years ago
NVM,I got Photoshop CS3.
the.mk95 Derin5 years ago
tartanthing5 years ago
my very first completed instructable! i made something i couldnt find! thanks!
I am Silas.6 years ago
Where can you find a free photoshop site?
Photoshop is probably illegal to get for free, so I always use GIMP. It's has the same things Photoshop has only for no cost and is legal.
That's fantastic. I thank you very much.
Raiyan6 years ago
Thanks. Here is the Bangladeshi flag.
parree6 years ago
look nice?that photo came from francis magalona....
petluke6 years ago
Thank you
idiep6 years ago
This is a great Tutorial thanks so much!!!!
Ahmedqatar6 years ago
Looks soooooooooooooo real !!
pingeee7 years ago
pooandwee (author)  pingeee7 years ago
do you like it?
Sure I do, it's simple and easy to follow
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