Picture of Creating A Realistic 3D Flag In PhotoShop!!!
This instructible will teach you how to make a realistic looking flag, but not only can this effect be used for flags It can be used for almost anything
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Step 1: First things first!

Picture of first things first!
get your self a picture of some fabric and a picture fo a flag, you can use mine if you like.

Step 2: Put both images into photoshop

Picture of put both images into photoshop
Open your fabric and your flag image and then apply gaussian blur to your fabric picture
(Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) and experiment with the radius to hide the detail of the fabric, keeping only the folds.

Step 3: SAVE!

Picture of SAVE!
Save your image as a PSD file (File > Save as). I saved mine as fabric.psd

make sure you save as a PSD or the next few steps wont work out.

Step 4: Next up: the flag image

Picture of next up: the flag image
Start working on your flag image. Apply the displacement map filter to your flag with your fabric photo, mine is the fabric.psd file. (Filter > Distort > Displace)

use the same settings as i have done in the picture.

Step 5: Take a look so far

Picture of take a look so far
this is what i have got, maybe have a rest have a cuppa' and a biccy

Step 6: Adding the wavyness

Picture of adding the wavyness
Go back to your fabric picture and select the whole thing with your marquee tool or simply by using ctrl+a, copy (ctrl+c), paste it (ctrl+v) onto your flag picture and change the layer mode to "Hard Light".

yeah.. Hard.

Step 7: Your finished!

Picture of your finished!
take a look at your artwork.. remember this effect can be used with allmost any picture try doing one of a friends face or make a wavy house!

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petluke6 years ago
Thank you
idiep6 years ago
This is a great Tutorial thanks so much!!!!