Creating Animation and Games: Chapter 1 Getting Started.

Picture of Creating Animation and Games: Chapter 1 Getting Started.
Welcome to the first of a multi-part series:  
Creating Animation and Games: Chapter 1 Getting Started

This series will dive into using Propeller microcontroller based systems to create your own graphics, animation, and video games.  I'll assume that you only have a very basic knowledge of microcontroller programming and take you step-by-step from beginning with a single dot to the creation of several video games which will provide you great examples for getting started with your own ideas.

Required hardware:

Almost any Propeller based microcontroller board will work with this material.   I'll provide instructions which will be applicable to Propeller boards with TV output, and VGA output.  I'll also show you a way to interface to multiple control devices, including basic keyboard, or game controllers.  

Naturally, there are a couple *recommended* configurations which are my personal favorites:

The VGAplus256 w/Quickstart combination

Otherwise known as the Pocket Mini Computer Kit, it features a lot of bang for the buck with dual mode VGA output capable either 64 or 256 color output depending on it's configuration.   Stereo right/left channel audio, PC keyboard input, IR port, a Wii Classic Controller/Nunchuck port, as well as plenty of I/O connections for those who want experiment with adding/adapting other unusual or retro gaming controls.    This is the board you'll see used in many examples.   To get the most from this material this kit is highly recommended.

The Human Interface w/Quickstart combination

This is my second choice for anyone who is uncomfortable with assembly of a kit like the VGAplus256.   The Human Interface Board arrives completely assembled and ready-to-go.   It features 64 color VGA, stereo right/left channel audio, PC keyboard/mouse input, IR port, and a handful of I/O connections.   

So far the two recommendations I've discussed are primarly VGA based.   In fact both are also capable of TV (AV) output as well.  The VGAplus256 can be upgraded with TV out with an easy-to-build kit.   The Human Interface board only requires a special AV cable which adds TV out to it's existing audio output connection. 

The software I'll be using in this material is compatible with TV, 64 color VGA, and 256 color VGA.   While you can use either of these three video systems with this material, for best results use the VGAplus256 hardware I'm using in my examples.   Compared to TV output, VGA is twice as nice.  Add to that the ability to display 256 colors instead of 64 and the creative juices will start flowing.

The best news of all is that all of the designs I've mentioned are Open Source with their designs and schematics published.  You can literally "roll your own" favorite board with your own custom controller and go crazy.   The sky is the limit!!

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Very nice Instructable.

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Its tremendous :)

Very nice Instructable.

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Its fabulous


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Its helpful :)

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Its helpful :)

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Its helpful :)

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Its remarkable

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Very Interesting.
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Very nice Instructable.
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Way to complicated for me but oh so so cool.
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Very interesting, thank you!!