Creating, a website for discovering, organizing, and sharing book information

Picture of Creating, a website for discovering, organizing, and sharing book information
This post describes the steps involved in creating and launching, a website aimed at helping readers discover, organize, and share book information.

The steps described here would apply to the development of other websites.
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Step 1: Come up with the idea

Picture of Come up with the idea
We, the founders of Bookhuddle, enjoy reading for fun and learning and thought that there should be a better way to keep track of what they had read, want to read, or their reference books. We wanted a better way to find new books to read, find out what our friends were reading or had read. We wanted a place to discuss books with friends or other readers.

So we decided to build a website that would allow people to easily discover, organize, and share book information. Bookhuddle is this site.

Photo by Felipe Torres.

Step 2: Buy a domain name for the site

This doesn't have to be the second step, but it's important to do it early on.
Good domain names are hard to find, but you just have to be creative.

Our site's domain is

There are are countless sites where you can buy domain names from. A domain name should only cost you a few dollars.

The following Google search finds domain name services:

Step 3: Form a team

Picture of Form a team
Building something as a team is much easier than trying to do it by yourself.
Find people that are passionate about the idea, have the appropriate and complimentary skills for the tasks involved, can work effectively in a team, are good communicators.

The skills needed among the team members building a website include: creativity, good analytical skills, writing, programming, design, web application development, database design and maintenance, requirements definition, testing, graphic design, server configuration and maintenance, and more.
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