Creating Custom Pencils in LectureNotes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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Today we're going to create a custom pencil in LectureNotes and show some quick access features for modifying those customizations.
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Step 4:

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In the custom pencil settings dialogue we can choose any of the pencils to modify. I have number 10 chosen here, which I have made into a highlighter.

Line width: sets the pencil width

Alpha: sets the transparency

Softness: sets the intensity

Use the color wheel to modify the color options.

Pencil is pressure sensitive: will choose width and intensity based on stylus pressure

Pencil is velocity sensitivewill alter the intensity based on speed of the stylus

Pencil does not leave round but flat end: when checked you will have flat ends, good for highlighting, when unchecked you will have round ends

Pencil does not draw in front but behind other color: While I don't have this option checked myself, this is very helpful for the highlighter custom pencil. This feature forces this pencil to draw underneath other drawn writing and objects, thereby not obscuring the item it is highlighting.

Pencil is eraser: negates all but the line width, and makes the pencil an eraser

Image 2

If you have the pencil toolbox enabled you can double click a custom pencil and edit only it's settings the same way as the previous menu.
eagel9914 days ago


I have a problem using leacutenotes on sony z tablet.

When i use "zoom box" to input handwriting, i put my hand rist on the screen and it press the home/back buttons, that cause the app to be minimized.

Do you know any setting / option how to avoid this?

Best Simon