Today we're going to create a custom pencil in LectureNotes and show some quick access features for modifying those customizations.

Step 1:

First select 'settings' from the app's drop down menu (three vertical bars, on top right).
<p>Hi milessthomas,</p><p>Thank you for all this help. I have difficulty to find a feature that lets me to insert a line or two of a text inside a larger text of several pages. Could you help me with this?</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Eugene.</p>
<p>Hi Simon,</p><p>Unfortunately, I use this app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Although, I do have a similar issue with the menu bar, for which there are a few solutions. </p><p>Disable the back button:</p><p>Go to Settings &gt; Display &gt; System and Status Bar (bottom of page)</p><p>and check mark the &quot;Disable back key&quot; option.</p><p>On rooted devices only, hide the menu bar:</p><p>Go to Settings &gt; Display &gt; System and Status Bar (bottom of page)</p><p>and check mark the &quot;Hide system bar&quot;</p><p>Hope this helped!</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I have a problem using leacutenotes on sony z tablet.</p><p>When i use &quot;zoom box&quot; to input handwriting, i put my hand rist on the screen and it press the home/back buttons, that cause the app to be minimized.</p><p>Do you know any setting / option how to avoid this?</p><p>Best Simon</p>

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