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Introduction: Creating Gifs With Photoshop

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This is a simple instructable on how to make a gif. using Photoshop.

Step 1: Add Layers

Open all files that are to become the gif. You must layer the image backwards, so last image first. pic1Pic2
Copy and paste the fames to the main image.
The starting background is lock so: Duplicate the background and delete the original.It is now unlocked. ( Duplicating
If you are typing text you must merge the background with the text. To do this select the text and click the small box in the background layer to create a chain in the box. Press Ctrl>E. merge
I us dail-up so click the links to see the pics.

Step 2: Saving

Select, Save as...> go to format> Compuserve Gif.>check>layers as frames>click>save. saving
You will now have a large box.
Choose>frame delay
Choose your filename and your are done. Box



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    Ha, thanks for the hint mate! Here's the PM I got from Coffee bean: Hey comment button didn'yt work try finding "ImageReady" and doing this. Animating in ImageReady Steps 1 Step One Choose Show Animation from the Window menu. This will bring up the Animation floating palette. 2 Step Two Click on the Animation palette's submenu arrow and select Make Frames from Layers. 3 Step Three Use Save Optimized As to save the animation under a new name.

    Houston I have a problem:
    I can't save it. What version of PS do you use? Here is what I get...