Picture of Creating Hash House Harriers Trail for 1st-time Hares
Hash House Harriers is an international “running” organization that generally has groups in cities all across the world. Please note, Hash House Harriers has no affiliation, in any way, with the negative definition of “hash” often used in drug terms. Without getting into much detail at this point in the project, this group partakes in trail runs/walks where an individual takes-off 10-15 minutes ahead of the group to leave a trail of flour—yes, household flour. The rest of the group is supposed then track that first runner, or Hare, throughout some area. This area could be through the jungle, forest, city, etc. Trails typically last 3-5 miles and generally take 1-hour to complete. Once completing the trail, the group reconvenes to drink beer (though not everyone drinks), eat snacks (sometimes dinner), and tell news/jokes/stories that poke fun each of the running members.\

After completing a dozen runs or so, some members have the opportunity to create Hash trails of their own. This is often a difficult task if the person has no knowledge of area or is unfamiliar with the running/walking capabilities of the group. The goal is to fit the trail to a “goldilocks level” so that everyone interested can finish the trail. The step-by-step guide will provide some useful tips to follow when designing a course. This topic was chosen for its uniqueness, and from personal experience. Target audience will be people that do not take things too seriously.
Thanks for the educative post! I had no idea about Hash House running.