Step 8: Applying Graphics to Your PCB

Picture of Applying Graphics to Your PCB
Once your PCB is completely etched wash it with a little soap and water and then drill out your holes for component placement.

Now comes the tricky part. Cut out one of the Component side graphics that you made earlier. You will place this inkside down on the top section of your PCB. (Make sure both are going the same direction, in my photo they are not. I did line them up correctly but when I took the photo I was holding the rub-onz wrong).

The Grafix Rub-onz are on a light colored material. To make things easier to line up, I used a small light board and laid the PCB down on it. Then when I had the rub-onz close to the PCB I could see through it which enabled me to line up the holes.

TIP: If you don't have a lightboard... you can take a cardboard box, cut out the bottom, place a piece of plexiglass on top, and a lamp underneath it.

Once you have the rub-on in place, take a Popsicle stick and start rubbing firmly over the back. Peel off paper and your footprint design will be transferred to your PCB.

You are now finished!

You could also use a hobby screen printing kit for this process, but that is a whole other Instructable.

LINK-TECHP6 months ago

Look very helpful, still confuse on how it works?

Yes very good, I will try this at some point, still veroboarding for the time being; nice to know I can use the inkjet in the future though. Thanks!
Shadyman5 years ago
+1 Ingenuity!
achollowell5 years ago
very interesting I was wondering how to do this at home