I know, I know, nature photography is easy right?  You don't have to do anything because nature does it for you.  Well, regardless, I do still have a few tips that you might not know or think of, so if you're curious, keep reading!

**NOTE: Most photographs used in this tutorial were shot and retouched by myself, (with the exception of the second photo in step 1 and some of the photographs shown in step 4), including those that have the Vogue logo as they have been published on Vogue.it


Step 1: Capturing Nature As It Is

As I mentioned before, nature photography is not extremely difficult as nature is beautiful and does most of the work for you.  There is no need to modify it in any way to make a photograph better. Manipulating it, however, is another story.

The most difficult is capturing animals in their natural habitat.  They're all so skiddish that there's no saying weather or not you're going to even find a wild animal, let alone photograph one.  One of the sneakiest photographer tricks with nature photography is going to game farms.  Tricky tricky!!

Many commercial and stock nature photographers go to game farms, such as Triple D Game Farm, in Montana.  This is basically a nature preserve geared towards photographers and cinematographers who need shots of animals in a natural habitat.  They have hundreds of different locations and animals to choose from to photograph, however, the price can be a little steep.

Of course, there are also those lucky people who just happen to be in the right place at the right time who managed to capture a real wild animal in its own habitat.  These photographers have the patience and the time to sit in "hides" for hours on end until an animal happens to walk by.  These hides can be simple stick or mud huts, which are more permanent, or you can even purchase a hide, which would be much more mobile as it is simply a tent with camoflage printed on it.

*This is a photograph of a 12 foot Anaconda!  I was only able to photograph it and most of my other animal photographs because of the "Critter Demo" I attended for my nature class.  Critter Demos will be explained further in step 4.

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