Most photographers find product photography boring, but it certainly has its advantages.  Product photography doesn't always have to be for large companies to get you to buy their product.  It can be used to post photos of your products on Etsy, ebay and even help with some of your instructables!

**NOTE: All photographs used in this tutorial were shot and retouched by myself

Step 1: What Are You Saying?

When it comes to photographing products, you need to think about what you're telling your target audience about that item. 

•What is the product?
•What are it’s obvious qualities? Color, size, texture, function, shape…
•Is it portable?
•Does it make a great gift or party favor?
•Is it a service?

Keeping all these in mind, you might be able to make a concept that would show the quality as well as the functionality of the product.  The photograph above, for example, is a demonstration of how fast the car is moving.  Naturally when a full advertisement is put together there would be copy and probably an inset of the car, or it could be a double spread so that the viewer can associate the concept with the product.

You can also use multiple shots to create a dyptich, (two separate images put together to make a "series").  A good way to create a successful dyptich is by  taking what's called a "hero" shot, and a detail shot, which will highlight the features of the product.   

Great photos!

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