I'm taking us back to the very beginning of photography here, so if you've taken a photo class or have some experience with photography, you might just want to skip this instructable.  However, if you've never done photography before, but have an interest in improving your photographs, listen up!

**NOTE: All photographs used in this tutorial were shot and retouched by myself, including those that have the Vogue logo as they have been published on Vogue.it


Step 1: Composition

One of the most important aspects of a successful photograph is the composition.  It provides a visually appealing story that catches your eye and brings you into the photograph, so to speak.  It gives you a sense of the subject and its surroundings without making the viewer feel trapped or stuck in any particular corner.

For example: if you have a subject with a face, be it a person, flower, animal, etc. if the "face" is pointing towards the edge of the photograph with space behind it, the viewer has nowhere to go from there.  When photographing something with a face, it is always best to leave more space in front of the face than behind it to lead the viewer into the rest of the photograph.
nice pictures, do you have any tips about color?
What kind of color/styles are you looking for? Duotone? Brightening? Changing one color to another? I've got tips for almost everything. :)
what kind of software do you use for color correcting?
Photoshop, but sometimes I do white balance in Lightroom. I actually recently made an instruct able on color correcting too. :)

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