Picture of Creating Watermarks in Photoshop
In this tutorial, I will be explaining how to create a watermark using Adobe Photoshop.  In these following steps are detailed instructions on how to create a layer, a copyright logo, text box, and how to make the watermark blend in with any background.
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Step 1: Choosing Your Background

Picture of Choosing Your Background
Open or create a desired image.  This will be the background that the watermark will be placed over.  The intent of the watermark is to be able to blend in with any background no matter the brightness or color.  So don't be worried that your image may be too dark or busy for the watermark.  For these instructions, I've chosen a simple black background to adequately show each detail.

Step 2: Creating a Layer

Picture of Creating a Layer
This is one of the more important steps of these instructions.  In this step, you will be creating a layer in which your watermark will be placed in.  Layers are used to overlay different images over the original background layer.  For this project, we will use layers for the copyright logo and the desired text you wish to use along with the copyright.  After creating the initial layer, it is important to highlight the background layer, click "Ctrl A" which selects all of the image, then copy and paste the image into your new layer.  Now you will have two layers, the background layer and the new layer, that look exactly the same.

Step 3: Finding the Shape Tool

Picture of Finding the Shape Tool
The Shape Tool is located towards the bottom third of the tool bar along the side of your Photoshop window.  Initially the Shape Tool will have the Rectangle Tool selected.  So when clicking the Shape Tool, click the bottom right hand corner where the little black triangle is located.  This will give you a separate window with different selections of shape tools.  This is where you will find the Custom Shape Tool.  Once Custom Shape Tool is selected, you will be able to find the copyright logo shown in the following step.