Picture of Creating Weapons for SCA Youth Combat
Hello everyone! In this Instructable, I'll be doing a complete walkthrough on how to make weapons for Youth Combat in the SCA, per East Kingdom standards. I'll be covering how to make a basic sword, two-handed weapons, axes, and give pointers on how to make anything else you could want.
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
- Schedule 40 3/4" PVC
- End caps (3/4")
- Pipe foam
- Strapping Tape
- Duct Tape (Two contrasting colors)
- Athletic tape (Optional)

- Scissors or knife
- Pipe cutter/hack saw/anything that will cut PVC
- Tape measure

Step 2: Preparing the PVC

Picture of Preparing the PVC
The first thing we need to do is find the proper length that the weapon should be.

The standard length for a one handed weapon is equal to the distance between the user's hand and the ground, when the user's arm is hanging at rest. For me, that is 30", but I'm a little over 6 feet tall. The general idea is that when standing up straight, the user cannot touch the ground with their weapon.

Find this distance, and subtract 4". (For Div. 2 weapons, subtract 3.5") This subtracted distance will be made up for by the thrusting tip and padding on the butt. (Haha, butt.)

Personally, I prefer longer weapons, so I'm making this sword to be maximum length for a one-handed weapon in Division 3, 42". (Div. 2 max. is 36".) This means that my PVC should be 38" long.

-Cap it

Metalyc4 years ago
I want an axe, any idea's?
"The blade or striking surface will be padded with foam pipe insulation for a 1" copper pipe then loosely covered with duct-tape"

It never mentions an outer layer of foam.
 Is the outer foam layer necessary? I didn't see that anywhere in the youth combat handbook (div 3).
footer05 years ago
When can we exect to see the axe tutorials and such?
abadfart5 years ago
you could use some sleeping pad foam for a hand guard  
Provashanty5 years ago
@timbruyns The Society for Creative Anachronism!
Travelsonic5 years ago
What is the wall thickness for the foam you use? Looks awfully thin,especially for 3/4" pipe.
I use real swords just kidding coool
Gunnar1205 years ago
how would you put extra width on it to make it a "Combat Cleaver"? Just more foam on one side? or more PVC?
feralin5 years ago
Kaiven6 years ago
Great job, mate. Make sure it is listed on YF website.