Hello everyone! In this Instructable, I'll be doing a complete walkthrough on how to make weapons for Youth Combat in the SCA, per East Kingdom standards. I'll be covering how to make a basic sword, two-handed weapons, axes, and give pointers on how to make anything else you could want.

Step 1: Getting Started

- Schedule 40 3/4" PVC
- End caps (3/4")
- Pipe foam
- Strapping Tape
- Duct Tape (Two contrasting colors)
- Athletic tape (Optional)

- Scissors or knife
- Pipe cutter/hack saw/anything that will cut PVC
- Tape measure

I want an axe, any idea's?
&quot;The blade or striking surface will be padded with foam pipe insulation for a 1&quot; copper pipe then loosely covered with duct-tape&quot;<br /> <br /> It never mentions an outer layer of foam.<br />
&nbsp;Is the outer foam layer&nbsp;necessary? I didn't see that anywhere in the youth combat handbook (div 3).
When can we exect to see the axe tutorials and such?
you could use some sleeping pad foam for a hand guard &nbsp;
@timbruyns The Society for Creative Anachronism!<br />
What is the wall thickness for the foam you use? Looks awfully thin,especially for 3/4" pipe.
I use real swords <sub>just kidding coool</sub><br/>
how would you put extra width on it to make it a "Combat Cleaver"? Just more foam on one side? or more PVC?
Great job, mate. Make sure it is listed on YF website.

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