Picture of Creating Your First Game: Part 1: Character Creation and Movement
In this Instructable, we'll be looking into creating a simple game with Flash Professional 8. This is the first part of many and each time, we'll be making the game more and more complex. I will make sure you understand each part fully. For the first thing, we'll want to make our character and make him move. Nothing to complex, there's only about 15 lines of code. If that seems like it might be difficult, it's really not. Many games I have made have a few hundred, lines of code. So, let's get started.

Step 1: Open Flash 8

Picture of Open Flash 8
Picture 11.png
The first step is easy, just open up Flash Professional 8, and create a new, empty FLA. (FLA is the extension name of any saved flash file, it stands for Flash Animation) Make sure as soon as you open it, you save the document as game.fla, the extension is automatically added, so don't worry about that.
admin7 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
it so awesome ha
yourcat6 years ago
??? I'm using 2004, and there is no "actions" anything. I'm clueless.
thedirekter (author)  yourcat5 years ago
So right clicking gives you no actions option? How about anything in the top bar?
Found it.
cantrell85 years ago
will this work with Light-C game script maker?
thedirekter (author)  cantrell85 years ago
No, this is Actionscript 2.0 specific
I can't do it, *sigh* i guess gassmask Pete will never come alive. Its to bad I already drew him. But I just can't handle flash I'm not "smart" enough. I guess i could find someone good with flash to do it.
thedirekter (author)  i_build_stuff6 years ago
hey, if u need help, jus email me
Spint7 years ago
Great Instructable, thanks for making this. Now all I got to do is get Flash.
thedirekter (author)  Spint7 years ago
You can download a trial from Adobe at adobe.com. Right now, the trials are not working though, won't be up until July first...
Thanks for the tip!
thedirekter (author)  Spint7 years ago
No problem. I believe it's a 30- day trial so that will definitely be enough time to do this, I also made the secpnd part to this 'ible.
Great I'll read the second part now.
Ora7 years ago
This brings back so many memories.
thedirekter (author)  Ora7 years ago
Good, or Bad?
Ora thedirekter7 years ago
Good. It reminds me of my early actionscript days.
thedirekter (author)  Ora7 years ago
Ya, I on what you mean, this was like soooooo hard when I first started and had no idea of what any of it meant, now I'm like, man, was that really that hard? It's funny.