Picture of ...
blinkyblinky3 years ago
What happened???
Exscaly3 years ago
This is amazing. Thank you so much for this.
WhiteTech3 years ago
I love this Instructible! I can think of quite a few ways to use it.

on a side note, I have an Associated B4. Mamba Brushless :)
SpecieS~3 years ago
While reading through your instructable I found a couple of things you could improve:

1. I personally never use the bucket tool. Edit -> Fill with FG color (shortcut ctrl + , ) is much faster.
2. Don't use the pencil tool, but use the brush tool instead. The pencil tool creates hard edges that look awful.
3. There's no advantage in applying the layer mask, you only delete the hidden parts. If you want to correct something later you won't be able to.
4. Draw the shadows on an own transparent layer to be able to change them more easily.
5. To draw the shadows it might be a good idea to insert the original image as a new layer with low opacity above all other layers. Then you can draw the new shadows exactly where the original ones are. Afterwards just toggle the original image invisible.

greetings, SpecieS
SpecieS~3 years ago
We had a contest with the topic "Out of Bounds Effect" some months ago at gimpusers.de: http://www.gimpusers.de/contests/5/submissions You'll find some nice images there. (cutting out the space shuttle's launch pad was really hard work :D )
crisscraft3 years ago
I am french, new member, this is fantastic ! How can i do it with Photoshop 7, please. I try already, but it just cannot work at all. Thanks for helping me
phirmen4 years ago
wow..at last i got it after some hrs at it....thanks.
tindi Apa2.jpg
bpayne24 years ago
this is my stuff... thanks for the idea...
mike-jack copy.jpgcostarica copy.jpgUntitled-1 copy.jpg
sfaarungsang4 years ago
ok. and what it was used for?
lweeks4 years ago
Hello, ive been trying to do this for ages. Ive got to the perspective part. I have my white frame around the object, im in perspective but no matter how many times i think ive got it right and click transform it just doesnt work!! please help, been trying for hours.Am new to this so speck easy for me please! thank you :)
sameeerpaul4 years ago
hey i cant understand the steps of (Creating a 3D effect with image editing software) please show me the steps for photoshop cs5 and in much more details
zeff10174 years ago
This is mine . .very beautiful!!!
Creating a 3D effect with image editing software.jpg
rishabh_gupta4 years ago
hey how you had put the lines on the car i'm not able to do plss say
ben_thugs334 years ago
thanks for the tutorial... This is my J flight.. ; )
3d my J flight.jpg
can u tell frm which photoshop had u made this
rishabh_gupta4 years ago
But from which photoshop can u tell plsss
i cant download da pdm of dis please help me!!!!
Celeela4 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm totally new to photoshop. Please help me know the basic things it does and how I can design picutres with photoshop. Thank you. I know you guys are the best.
rmelecia4 years ago
thanks for tut!
rmelecia4 years ago
this is mine
cataboss874 years ago
Hi, these are my photos..hope you like them :D
alexw2150 cataboss874 years ago
Love the beach one
alexw21504 years ago
Here's my attempt at it.
Firefox_wallpaper.pngConcept race car 01.jpg
serialbreda6 years ago
sorry the pics :D
Trabalho 5.jpg
That is brilliant, and the idea of two frames is a good one.
umlaut serialbreda5 years ago
haha oh that's funny
JBz serialbreda6 years ago
Great! Neat new idea. Anyone tried animating one of these so the object slides out of the picture?
Mexicoman8 years ago
I finally got it. Whew... Nice idea, but unfortunately its real preaching to the choir. It's written for well experienced Gimp users, and many steps and all the program settings are left to guess at or give up. New Gimp users will have a an absolutely horrid time with it if they accomplish it at all. Regardless, thanks for the introduction to Gimp. i learned a lot even if it cost me a lot of pulled out hair and about 30 difficult hours trying to discover the necessary steps in a clear, logical order. Here is my first attempt. I think it's interesting and done well enough, but my next one will be better and 29 hours faster. Here is a before and after...
Forte 640.JPGForte in frame - final.jpg
alexw2150 Mexicoman4 years ago
I like the shadow around the frame, and of the boat.
umlaut Mexicoman5 years ago
oh man that's nice. love the angles you used for the ship and very smart to remove the liner behind it too. excellent shadow. thanks for posting
K4nyix Mexicoman5 years ago
 very nice pic ! 
Scwounch Mexicoman6 years ago
That one is awesome! Nice work.
Summer8 Mexicoman7 years ago
Your efforts were well worth it - it's brilliant., I'd go as far as saying - a better example. I very much like the idea, but I've just started my first hour of trying to figure it out!
Dr.Paj5 years ago
Here is my attempt, I have been trying to learn photoshop for some time now, tell me if you like it.
car out of a laptop.jpg
alexw2150 Dr.Paj4 years ago
Absolutely amazing!
NatNoBrains Dr.Paj4 years ago
Looks very good!
brijeshverma Dr.Paj4 years ago

pjenkins4 years ago
thanks i used photoshop!! gimp is kinda confusing!
Rhamkota4 years ago
Here's my try at it
Car drvie.jpg
gmlFed106 years ago
I am having the same problem. HOW do you erase the frame portion under the picture?
Rhamkota gmlFed104 years ago
Eraser tool
arman sebastian4 years ago
Please kindly help me, i'm stuck with this step 4. After dragging the corners and clicking the "transform" the white border still there and it added now new rectangular dotted box. The White frame did not follow with my perspective orientation.

I had the same problem try to use rectangular and reselect the white box and redo it because at the moment just the inside is selected
xACIDITYx7 years ago
I did it in PDN and this was my first attempt. What do you think?
xACIDITYx xACIDITYx7 years ago
Picture didn't attatch, eh? Let's try that again.
Nice Halo theme!
william_prado4 years ago
heee que buenisimo ... :D pronto les muestro lo que hice.....
Seifpic6 years ago
Nice tut! Look @ mine, not so good..
brijeshverma Seifpic4 years ago
brijeshverma Seifpic4 years ago
JBz Seifpic6 years ago
looks good! How did you get the glossy surface on the photo?
Seifpic JBz6 years ago
Are you talking about the car itself? if so, that was just the light in my house. Other than that, I saved it as JPEG
JBz Seifpic6 years ago
The actual photo surface has a highlight in the upper left hand corner. It gives a shiny finish to the photo, makes it seem like more of a solid surface. I am trying one with a 1927 auto, with the part in the photo done in the antique photo option(Filters>Decor>Old Photo). The surface should be shinier, or smooth to make the illusion more realistic. There are several options in the filters menu, but none of them do what I want. The nearest I can get is a highlight(Filters>Light and Shadow>Lighting Effects). This still doesn't give that shiny or flat surface appearance.
Seifpic JBz6 years ago
Oh, thats because there were alot of lights in my living room while I was taking a photo of that Lego car.
Seifpic JBz6 years ago
oh and if you are talking about the frame, I just used that tool you use to mask anything then i colored it white
amarius5 years ago
very good tutorial
this is the result 
brijeshverma amarius4 years ago
very good pic
judoren4 years ago
Un poco mas de gimp
arman sebastian4 years ago
Please help, trying to figure out for 3 hours but no success. Am i missing something here...
Clayton H.5 years ago
Here's one that I just finished.
Primus popout.jpg
frogzilla Clayton H.4 years ago
i like it
teh darkcloud8 years ago
First try with a picture of my friend:
You've totally nailed!
This is it! Perfect example! Making something jump out of a photo is what makes this so interesting and this does the best job I have seen. Those with the original photo simply placed under the object seems too flat. This has life, action, and fun all at once!
sumplesnoob7 years ago
This is a picture of my corn snake... he's turning one next week!
C:\Documents and Settings\iPod\Desktop\bla\graphics\snikkers_popout.jpg
Absolutely amazing!
ooh I like this one!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
ugh. Messed up horribly, I don't know how to make the water out of the picture look good. I know I can do it with the stamp tool thing, but I really don't know how to use it. (GIMP) here it is:
SHark out of picture.jpg
brooksbos Keith-Kid5 years ago
I think your picture is INCREDIBLE!!!
darkride6 years ago
This is my first attempt. I'm very happy!
Driving out of the photo.jpg
umlaut darkride5 years ago
oh man that is so sweet with the wood floor and wall - like it's driving right out of an old photo into the room!!
saxmaster765 umlaut5 years ago
Ooh! This one's my favorite!
darkride umlaut5 years ago

darkride darkride5 years ago
Computers suck! I HAD posted that I revised the photo by making the part of the car within the " photo" black and white to enhance the idea that the car was driving out of the past in the photo into today.
temp darkride6 years ago
I love how full sized cars look like models with this effect.
JBz darkride6 years ago
This is great!
saxmaster7655 years ago
This is my new magic wallet made out of duct tape (it's an instructable, but not mine). It was an easy picture to try this out on, so this is it.
A Cool Test1.JPG
jimmydean7 years ago
My friend's dad works for Traxxas! He has a couple cars because his dad gets them for free. Good cars. They're cool.
GTRPLR1995 jimmydean5 years ago
I dont even know you or your friend but I want to after that comment. LOL I love traxxas.
Random1215 years ago
First try ^^
paradoxyou5 years ago
If you wanna do something. Do it right. Go to WWW.PATO.PL and have some fun with almost 400 photo effects
bigfunkychiken5 years ago
Here is my try. 'bout an hour's time :D
zainybaba6 years ago
hi i just wanted to know how to get a transparent layer i am using the latest version of gimp on windows xp please be specific. Thanks in advance.
joshfedo zainybaba5 years ago
right click>newlayer>then pick the transparent option
CRAZYCREATOR1875 years ago
 when i change the perspective of the frame and click transform another layer is created with the frame on it, I cannot create a layer mask on the picture when this happens and if i delete it the frame is deleted as well.
dopman5 years ago
 When I looked through the Instructable it looked nice! I did this picture after it. I didn't follow the Instructable but the result is still the same.

Thanks for the great idea!


GTRPLR19955 years ago
NICE RUSTY!!! Check out mine on my page.
dhare dheevholk5 years ago
hey,thanks for tutorials...
this my mine:

shotintheart5 years ago
Great tutorial. Here's my attempt.
fun and games until loses their headr.png
giuseppedibari5 years ago
This is my work.
JamesRPatrick5 years ago
These look really professional!
Xonah5 years ago
Is this just for images on the Computer, or did u guys cut it just perfectly? 'Cuz a poster like this would be awesome!
Fred826645 years ago
Sweet GIMP is the greatest ! By the way it  started out in LINUX long be for it was coded for windows.   Blender is just as cool however it is key board intensive but both GIMP and Blender are free and vary sweet out comes
VARY GOOD lible !
godknight125 years ago
nice tut..this is my version..but its not as good as the pro's work..thanks
Arbitror godknight125 years ago
The only reason this doesn't look good, is because you can see the whole aircraft in the "picture". If you made the "picture" a little smaller, and added a shadow, you're good to go!
umlaut5 years ago
this was really cool thanks. i was able to make one for a friend's website of a desk shooting out of an office!
Parveen6 years ago
pop up object MuscleCars $$$.jpg
simran999 Parveen6 years ago
hey can u tell me how to do dis thing..... i cant get d step 3.........which area do v have to shrink and which area do v have to cut...
basha011 simran9995 years ago
hai my proble also same plz tell how to do this?????????? my  mail mahaboobbashashaik31@gmail.com plz tell me plz plz
godknight125 years ago
again thanks for the tut..this one is made from photoshop with the idea given by the author..thanks a lot..you really are a big help..!!!
spider man pop out art copy.jpg
amando966 years ago
is it just me or is this new version of gimp completely diferent? none of the things are where they are suposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brother_D amando966 years ago
Are all these exclamation marks necessary?
amando96 Brother_D6 years ago
Brother_D amando966 years ago
Epeoples Brother_D5 years ago
t4kitty5 years ago
This was my attempt didnt come out as planned . But nice 2010 camaro ssrs .
camaro custom.jpg
radiaku5 years ago
hem, what a great tutorial. Thanks. I dont realized that GIMP can do like that, just like photoshop.

Great one.
MHavoc8 years ago
How would you do this in PhotoShop? Can you annotate the steps for PhotoShop? It look like a lot of fun. Good Job.
Rathrider MHavoc5 years ago
Nice rustler!! mine unfortunatly does not look very nice its all stock and idk just doesnt have that cool look)=
Patented5 years ago
Hey heres mine i did about a years ago!
Porsche 911 modif.jpg
zainybaba6 years ago
yh and please tell me also how to do it on photoshop thank you.
denisemaine6 years ago
Your instructions were very good - thanks. I coul dhave made my frame at more of an angle but I wantd the octopus to be climbing up out of the frame. Thanks for your help.
miidaniel6 years ago
Being a new Gimp user I've had a hard time following your instruction... Is there a chance you could simplify it for dummies such as myself? I would love to try and create one and I think it's one of the best ideas I've ever come across.
xACIDITYx6 years ago
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://adk-photoshoptutorials.blogspot.com/2009/05/car-out-of-bounds-easy-way.html">I hope nobody stole your idea...</a><br/>
DivideByZero6 years ago
I've used GIMP for about a year now, and I've tried many tuts but I think this one definitely has the coolest result. I'll upload my version when I've done it :)
serialbreda6 years ago
Hello!! and thanks for the tutorial!! It helps me a lot! here it is the pic, without shadows! keep on the good tutorial ;)
JBz6 years ago
Here is one of my attempts, where I tried to get fancy with an oval picture frame. I was trying for a perspective tilt away, selected two ellipses at varying distances from one another, then used Filters>Alpha to Logo>Cool Metal on the selection. Later I found a Tutorial for a Round Web 2.0 Button with a Metal Ring. Added a wood rim layer and viola! Another variation. If I can get the car shading right, it ought to be pretty interesting.. Now if I can just drag myself back to basics, understand layer masking, drawing in shadows,...
cntryrd wood frame.jpgMG brbckgrnd.jpgMG cntryrd wood frame.jpg
bugmenotagain8 years ago
"Start by tracing around the frame and the part of the subject outside the frame with the pencil tool." What color shall I use for the pencil? "Now that the subject and frame are completely outlined, fill the background black (transparent). " I drew a closed figure (white pencil) and filled it with the bucket tool (black). The selected region turned white!!!! (not grey as in your example) Please explain this section in more detail. Too much ambiguity :(
Andrew546 (author)  bugmenotagain8 years ago
You were on the right track. The reason the area you filled "black" turned white is because when you are working with the layer mask, black really means invisible, so when you filled it black (invisible) the white background showed through. mines only gray because I had already colored my background gray. Don't be discouraged, you had it right! The only thing you need to do different is use the pencil to outline in black, rather than white.
Flumpkins Andrew5466 years ago
Mine is the opposite... I see the pic but not the frame :(
Bobblob6 years ago
Inspirational, thanks!

Tried one with my wife's bread I photographed a while back.

Done in my all time favorite graphics software Xara in about 40 min.. Xara Xtreme is a vector graphics program.

I'm told "Inkscape, a free and open source vector graphics editor application, comes close to Xara Xtreme .
yumm that looks like good bread nice job
El Chucko Norris6 years ago
my first try i don't know
corn throw.psd(350x470) 2 MB
crazy_kid4457 years ago
here are a few of mine. I did the red 1971 buick centurion on photohshop elements v1.0.1, and the other 2 photos on GIMP2.
Untitled.gifcenturion popout.gif3dshuttle.jpg
I did a shuttle picture too, but mine is on MS paint, so the shading isn't as good.
3d rocket photo.bmp
Here it is with better shading...
3d rocket photo.bmp
hey thats pretty cool. i did mine with gimp, like i said, but now i bought adobe cs4 master collection so i should try one with photoshop cs4. i like your shuttle alot, but if i could make a suggestion. i would try to erase the bridge from the launch pad to the shuttle or just extend it out of the picture.
Whoops I didn't even notice that bit. Thanks!
How did you do all that on MS paint? Does it have layers?
No layers, just being very careful...
I fixd up the shading...
3d rocket photo.bmp
And I just finished this one...
BF2142 walker 3d photo.bmp
danlab6 years ago
Wow, I have the same tires on my rustler.
Mad Hatter8 years ago
My first shot at it. I don't think it's that bad
Cow out of frame.jpg
woah, thats sooooo cool. it looks like the left half of the photo is flat then the cow actually becomes 3d to eat the flower
kamathln Mad Hatter7 years ago
LOL very creative! The desperately hungry cow crosses dimensions to graze . Film at 11:00
Keith-Kid Mad Hatter7 years ago
may I use this picture for a project of mine?
mickyj6 years ago
Wow, I got this to work. Something that was easy to follow (When you also take the comments into account) and produced something. Here is my first attempt (needs some work).
mickyj mickyj6 years ago
Err the image never made it. Here it is again.
Resize of final4.jpg
amando966 years ago
that will look super nice for bikes!!!!
Fasteners6 years ago
thanks... image ibles are always useful to me
wenpherd6 years ago
those are good!
Parveen6 years ago
hi! am very thankful to you giving tips to create such a wonderful effect.you are the inspiration for the begginer like me. Just Have a Glance at my first ATTEMPT........
pop up object MuscleCars $$$.jpg
need6 years ago
Good tutorial, thank you very much, i will try it soon. good work. ;-)
need need6 years ago
Good tutorial, thank you very much, i will try it soon. good work. ;-) this is my first time ;-)
Darren.6 years ago
the first to pictures arnt really "popping Out" There area just on top of a photo of wood or dirt.
weebl8 years ago
you cant layer them that way
Andrew546 (author)  weebl8 years ago
Are you creating a blank image first, then opening the source image as a layer? If you just open the source image directly, it is placed on the bottom layer, and you can't move anything underneath it. Also, on a side note, when your replying to a comment, click the "reply" link rather than the "add comment" one. This will keep the conversation together as one thread.
zfranetta Andrew5466 years ago
Thanks for nothing!!!
zfranetta Andrew5466 years ago
Sorry but i don now how you doing in Step 2!!!! Im just amateur with Adobe Photoshop CS3, can you send me or ride to me steb by stem of thet Step2 and also Steps, but please step by stem(button,click ,...)
Mr. Rig It8 years ago
That is pretty cool! I will have to give it a try.
kamathln Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Awesome.! You should do this for a living. Do this to a school nearby.
XI37 years ago
all i got is fireworks, (pretty new version) is thier any way it will work with it?
XI3 XI37 years ago
oh yah plz pm me with answer.
derfman24 XI36 years ago
gimp is free
XI3 derfman246 years ago
yah i got photoshop now lol. or at least my school does
BigOlePimp8 years ago
This is my first attempt. Not too bad huh?
derfman24 BigOlePimp6 years ago
you should tilt the frame to the upper left so the motorcycle appears to be coming out
Steamdnt8 years ago
check mine out
C:\Documents and Settings\charlie\My Documents\My Pictures\Untitled.gifC:\Documents and Settings\charlie\My Documents\My Pictures\fiero_rear_qtr2.jpg
derfman24 Steamdnt6 years ago
the back cutoff should be back farther
Steamdnt Steamdnt8 years ago
i couldnt find the shadows to draw
I think you should leave more background (the street)
glycerinate8 years ago
i guess you cant see it! sorry, try this!
rickick glycerinate7 years ago
not a very good idea to put a pic or yourself on the net bud. http://www.netsmartz.org/

derfman24 rickick6 years ago
omg somebody is gonna kill him
xACIDITYx rickick7 years ago
OMG, someone's gonna totally kidnap him. Get over it. It's the net. Millions of people post up personal pics of themselves on MYspace, but the one who's gonna get abducted is the one on instructables who puts up a picture and nothing else. Look at his page? No location info, age info, nothing. I think he's being pretty safe. By your thought process, a picture at the Grand Canyon will get thousands of people kidnapped because they were included in a picture. Heck, I have put up more info of myself on the net than that kid. Are you going to preach at me, too?
Try googling your own driver's license number sometime. This is a nice technique. If you really like to do this kind of stuff, and you are in the LA area, you might drop in at some of the monthly meetings for Digital Media Artists Los Angeles. We meet monthly in a digital theater in the Northeast corner of Hollywood. Google "dma/la" for info. This technique is professional caliber in my opinion.
kgb2247 years ago
Do any one have tips on how to do this 3d with Corel photo paint 11 or Paint.net?
derfman24 kgb2246 years ago
just download gimp(it is free)
DavidRobertson6 years ago
Cool. I did it with a photo of the statue of liberty from my recent holiday to New York
sahilbol6 years ago
My 2nd Attempt
3d effect1 copy.jpg
veenendaaltje7 years ago
Thanx for the tuturial This is mine:
1999 stefan voetbal2.jpg
jimmydean7 years ago
Robincj7 years ago
My two first attempts. As D0ct0r said, the shadow is the hard part. Neither of these have it. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing it!
jimmydean Robincj7 years ago
The first one is cool. The spider is kinda creepy. But realistic.
Oblivitus7 years ago
Sweet instructable. I will try it.
siconeti7 years ago
siconet-spain gasteiz
gildo4realdo8 years ago
Here's my attempt with a pic of my bro's lotus. I kinda like the cartoony one.
The cartoony one is waay cooler. It has a lot more contrast.
zjharva gildo4realdo7 years ago
your bro has a lotus! Lucky!
a.bazullah7 years ago
Very nice. www.dezigntec.com www.utubehits.com
Sunbanks7 years ago
Here's my first try, I kind of messed up on the shadows....
silverbyte Sunbanks7 years ago
this is horrible... the perspective of the photo is ditorted... draw a cube -> select cube -> edit -> skew and voila.... ya (i know what your thinking... easier said than done...) but alot of you ppl are going horribly wrong on the photo skew also the duck is overlapping the edge... no realistic... try to have the head sticking out only... and make it seam the photo is laying on a table
kamathln Sunbanks7 years ago
Nice try.. I think You should have somehow tried to complete the duck.
az19957 years ago
Yeah... I have no idea how to do this!!! I'm really annoyed, and I have no idea how to use photoshop. I can't even figure out how to upload a picture onto there without totally messing everything up!!! Argh! I don't understand what your saying!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
silverbyte az19957 years ago
google: photoshop beginner tutorials this is a super easy technique.
greganderson7 years ago
very clever, great creativity
Really good quality idea, pro quality. If you are in the LA area drop in to some DMA/LA meetings (google it). This instructable has some of the best comments on the site, great to see all the variations on your theme. Very fun to see the way everyone else has used the idea and put their own spin on it.
zjharva7 years ago
Nice instructable! And nice rustler! I have a nitro sport. traxxas rc's are awesome!
love2die1007 years ago
I'm new to gimp,I first saw it on youtube the lesson with the dog,I got stucked when he colored the frame infront of the dog black,is it coz of his neck is black he used the black color? what if I have some football player who's shirt is colored how can I fix it? and how did you change the background,can anyone help me please.
taodiorne7 years ago
I was looking around online and found this cool tutorial. When I saw it was for Gimp, I downloaded the program and went for it, only to get stuck on the 3rd step, so I was on my own in Photoshop (CS2). Here's what I ended up with. I went for a Polaroid frame. (Despite the troubles others had, I was able to make a decent shadow surprisingly quick.)
Into San Francisco.jpgSan Francisco Polaroid Final.jpg
aj947 years ago
I didn't follow it properly =]
i just wanted to experiment

here's mine

diabloflame37 years ago
got it... i think
flying v.bmp
fouldsy7 years ago
Pretty cool. Couldn't get the shadows right so left it out, but I'm not all that artistic so no surprise!
3D airplane.jpg
mousewrites7 years ago
Nice tutorial!
The Porsche Fan7 years ago
sweet Instructable i just did a really fast one, so i won't post it, but i'll spend some time on one later and make a good one
kgb2247 years ago
I must say this instruction with Gimp is the only one that i had success.Thank you for sharing it. I am hooked now lol.
kgb2247 years ago
Here is my 2nd attemp
Nopanacea8 years ago
Thanks for the great tutorial. I used the existing shadow; it looks a little too choppy, but I think it reduces the cartoon feel of this process. The original photo is here at Solar Charged Lawnmower from Appropedia.org.
kamathln Nopanacea7 years ago
Any instructable for that ?
Nopanacea kamathln7 years ago
Hi Kamathln, Instructable for what? The lawnmower?
Patented7 years ago
Ok for every one who use CS3 i find the perspective tool that i was searching for long time...go edtion then in transformation and finnaly click on perspective.
yearsofdecay7 years ago
Great little tutorial, agree with Robincj, the shadow is indeed the hard part and although this is my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with it. Thanks for sharing!!!
love2die1007 years ago
Thank you very much but I could'nt follow up with some steps ,could you please record your step in an avi movie so as to make it easier cause I tried many times but failed.thx
fikkmachine7 years ago
Thanks so much Zredhead for that. i truly appreciate that man. its cool!!!!
Zredhead7 years ago
FIKKMACHINE's Pic Finally Done By: Matt Olsen
fikkmachine7 years ago
its not working for me at all.. i been trying for days now hours at time..i need help
1up7 years ago
Great Instructable! I love the result! I couldn't get the shadow to look right, but here is my first one of a cat:
Zredhead7 years ago
Ok my second: Original/Edited
Zredhead7 years ago
This was my first! There will be many more!! -Matt
mamad8767 years ago
Thanks for ger8 instructable. I have a question about Gimp, Does any one know how to print good quality pictures with Gimp? I have a HP Deskjet 5150 and I can print very nice pictures with Wind*o*s and Photoshop but with Gimp the quality is very poor. I have tried many settings but result was same. Thanks in advance,
kamathln7 years ago
Loved it.. Thx very much.
luis_rz_0201917 years ago
Is my first..... i hope that you like it....it's my picture
cool you put shading on the frame
legr8est12347 years ago
This is one of my first experiments with this. It's not very challenging, but I love the possibilities it offers.
Pop-Up G8.jpg
ZeeKay7 years ago
my first try.....
ZeeKay ZeeKay7 years ago
PM me if u like it or have any suggestions.....
Keith-Kid7 years ago
This is my Favorite Instructable!!! Been wanting to do it for a long time but haven't had time. I have got SO many ideas to use this technique! Seriously SUperGrEaT Instructable!!!!! Here's my first try:
SPicky Perspective try.jpg
Keith-Kid Keith-Kid7 years ago
By the way, his name's Spicky

His chest looks pointy because it is that way. All the hair on his chect just points forward ALL the time...
jare-bear7 years ago
i'm having trouble doing this instructable in photoshop cs3. someone help me please? i need a photoshop CS3 version of this
d0ct0r7 years ago
my attempt.. spraying shadow is hard part...
acl_200320037 years ago
Another accomplished.... Next stuff to perform.. Using vector on photo.
flower 2.jpg
acl_200320037 years ago
This is my first appearance the public...LOLz. Great Tutorials... Here's mine. Kind'a rough on some part but way cool...
Summercamp057 years ago
Just downloaded Gimp, Great tutorial this is my first one
C:\Documents and Settings\K s D\My Documents\My Pictures\Quad.jpg
PhotoshopMan7 years ago
Good tutorial. This is my picture of predator.
D:\Rob\My Pictures\Photoshop Testing\Predator (Final) copy.jpg
Zan_G7 years ago
excellent instructable...didnt think it would be so easy...
silvan8 years ago
and another one
D:\Matt's Documents\My Pictures\dolphin effect copy.jpg
silvan8 years ago
what do you think of this?
D:\Matt's Documents\My Pictures\hms wulwark effect copy 2.jpg
yabbadabbadoo8 years ago
Can anyone help me Please!!! I have finally got to the stage where I have a frame Whoooo! And I'm now stuck as which ever way I try to change the perspective of the frame.....I can't. Another rectangle appears instead, I have been through everyones comments and although there has been a mention about perspective....mine don't work..............tut tut I'm here and waiting guy's Cheers Nicole x
Andrew546 (author)  yabbadabbadoo8 years ago
Thats normal. The original, undistorted rectangle will still be visible while you are distorting the perspective. It kind of annoying, but try to ignore it, and focus on the part that has distorted.
Chrisdodo8 years ago
This is what i've make. Thanks for this good tutorial!
C:\Users\Chris\Pictures\Album Photo 3.jpg
Metal4God Chrisdodo8 years ago
that is cool
Mexicoman Chrisdodo8 years ago
Great work. That looks both well done and well considered too! Terrific perspective! One of the very best examples of this.
neweditor8 years ago
What is the best way to select around fine hairs on humans head? Do you have to do it all manually or is there a trick? I found some articles googling for doing it in Photoshop, but didn't find anything for Gimp. Any ideas or suggestions? Please make them step-by-step and assume zero knowledge of Gimp. Thanks for your help and suggestion. Regards
Mexicoman neweditor8 years ago
Neweditor, I do a rough cut on a human head (the hair part anyway), outlining what I wish to save. Where there is the usual fuzz of hair, I just eliminate it. Then, bringing the completed cutout to a large size, I use the color picker tool to find the hair color I want, and with the original in a separate window and also enlarged (so I have something to duplicate, I use a single pixel brush (often set at about 50%) and draw in the hair. When the photo is complete, the drawn in hair makes the cutout photo look much more realistic. Yes, it takes practice.
Mexicoman8 years ago
For those of you with the same difficulty I am encountering, Here are some additional steps that were not included.

After "drawing" the frame (step 3) using the 'Select" tool in Gimp, Shrinking it, painting and cutting out the center with Ctrl-x, then reselect the outside of the white frame with the 'Select rectangular regions' tool. Then, switch to your original photo in the layers box (at this point, it's the center one) Now you can adjust your frame and visualize it as Andrew shows in his illustration of the car with the frame under it.

How did he get the frame behind the car? That's my next puzzle. I'm in hour three at this and it is difficult to follow, but apparently I am getting somewhere this time.
rouge5688 years ago
Here's my two cents, with images off of flickr.
weebl8 years ago
this dont work
Andrew546 (author)  weebl8 years ago
Would you mind explaining what you mean? What exactly "dont work"? Did you have trouble creating new layers, did you hae trouble putting them in the right order, or was it some other problem? "this don't work" doesn't give me any idea what to help you with.
zcar.300 Andrew5468 years ago
I'm totally not getting the layers. Do you open the first layer by going to file and new? What kind of layer should the picture be? I can't find a layer that allows you to open an image.
Andrew546 (author)  zcar.3008 years ago
Go to File>New and insert the dimensions of the image you are going to use into the box that comes up. Click OK. Now, in the image window your just opened, go to File>Open As Layer And open your original image. Finally, click Layer>New Layer... And click OK (don't change any settings).
ChiliDog8 years ago
Dude, that is amazing! Nice Job!
glycerinate8 years ago
hey i tried this out! I LOVE IT!

check mine out:
<a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i12.tinypic.com/62ri0zt.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
its also on my myspace at myspace.com/austin_carlyle

I got 2 pic comments in 2 hours! THANKS!
Keep up the posting!
ph8 years ago
I am still having fun learning all the ins and outs of GIMP; this isn't necessarily a 3D image, but just something fun I cobbled together from 2 snagged images...making my favorite, fish and forest together! peggy
inboxmarketing8 years ago
First go....used Picasa and snag-it! I also was inspired by the stencil posts..
marcolinux8 years ago
The XCF... cant... find... the xcf :-)
technopenguin8 years ago
I don't like GIMP on mac since it uses X11, so I can't use keyboard shortcuts
dillon66678 years ago
how do i change the color of the fill bucket
To change the colour with photoshop select the fill bucket and pick a colour like you would with a brush.
sardines4548 years ago
i did it, this is great!
BurgerKing8 years ago
I'm stuck here. Couldn't get to select the white frame to perspective it. It just auto select the outside outline, cry for Help!!
Andrew546 (author)  BurgerKing8 years ago
select the frame layer in the layers toolbar.
Antystein8 years ago
This is great! I actually found an easier and more exact way to create the original shadows of the picture on the background layer. After you finish with all the steps above, you can create another background layer, (just above your original background layer) a bit darker than the first one, and using the mask, remove (always be using feather) the darker background around any shadows you see on the original pictrure. This way you will keep only the parts of the darker layer where the shadow should be. Finally playing with the opacity of that layer, you can adjust the intensity of the shadows.
studmuffin3dawg28 years ago
how long do these take you to make??
Andrew546 (author)  studmuffin3dawg28 years ago
they take about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how detailed you get, and how familiar you are with the tools.
how do you get the layerin' toolbar to show up? and how do you set the layers up?
Andrew546 (author)  studmuffin3dawg28 years ago
It should open when you open GIMP, but f it doesn't, go to "File>Dialogs>Create New Dock>Layers, Channels, and Paths. Once you have that open, make a new image (File>New...) with the same dimensions as your base image. Then open your base image as a layer (on the image window you just opened, click File>Open as Layer...). Finally, click the new layer button on the layer tool window (bottom left) and create a transparent layer for the frame. If you follow this exactly, you should have your layers set up and ready to go. but if they're out of order, you can click and drag to rearrange them. The background layer cannot be reordered this way though, which is way I say to create it first, then open the actual image as a layer.
thanks a lot i get right to workin on this and tell you how it goes!!!!!!
studmuffin3dawg28 years ago
how do you get the image on the project in the first place?
nevermond i figured it out! : )
ok new question!!!! how do you open up the toolbar setting everything up as layers? i cant figure out all that layerin jazz. please help asap cuz i want to make one of these sweet things!!!!!!!!!! hurry please!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!
ich bin ein pyro8 years ago
does this work in fireworks?
GreenDay8 years ago
Is it the nirto rustler or the electric one? It doesn't seem to have a muffler, so I assume electric. Good car, but it's only half as fast as the nitro. Nice paint job though.
Andrew546 (author)  GreenDay8 years ago
Its the electric one. However, the body is for the Jato, so its got that exhaust bulge on the left side. Do you have RC's?
i having problems with the layer mask when i fill it in with black the whole image disappears even after ive gone round with the border and the picture with pencil pleese help
Andrew546 (author)  kiwi_soccer_maniac8 years ago
When you select bucket fill, you should see some options appear in the bottom of the toolbox (opacity, mode, etc.) One of this is "Affected Area". Make sure this is set to "fill similar colors", otherwise, it'll do what you describe. If this doesn't work I suspect there is a gap somewhere in your outline of the main subject. Turn the frame layer to invisible, and inspect the edge of your outline for any gaps that might cause the problem you describe. Hopefully one of these solutions will fix your problem.
thanks heaps that was the problem i will post the pic when its done
That is awesome i am trying it now
A+ on this tut for the easy to follow instructions and the use of freeware!! PS: SRSLY, Thanks for using GIMP in your tutorial. Most people use photoshop in their tuts, but I just can't afford it AND I refuse to BT it. More people should use free alternatives instead of using warez. After all, if everyone used warez then programmers wouldn't get paid and then we wouldn't have any software at all. The freeware alternatives are made by programmers that get paid on a day job, so no day job no time to code the freeware. Good on ya mate!!
betweenthelinez8 years ago
Love the 3rd one on bottom R
jomacdonald8 years ago
I love this tutorial but am having some troubles at step 5. I can make the layer mask and take the black pencil and trace around my frame and the little bit of the main part of the picture outside of the frame but am having trouble with the part saying when it is completely outlined fill the background black (this makes the main image invisible). When I take the paint bucket and click on the layer that has the layer mask everything turns grey and all I see is the outline of the frame. I do not see the image. I am confused at this point. Any help would be appreciated
anancy8 years ago
Great instructable Andrew. Thank you. I used PaintshopPro (actually Corel's) and fooled around with the cat. Take care, aNancy.
whistlingboy anancy8 years ago
Hi Nancy, nice results. How did you put the frame behind the cat (the main point of this instructable)? The initial instructions mention 'tools' for cleaning up the edges but are not specific about how to 'attack' the frame where it overlays the subject. Thanks.
anancy whistlingboy8 years ago
hey whistlingboy. I put the cat in front of the frame. Follow the instructions regarding the layers and you ll get it. If you are not familiar with masks, keep the opacity at 50% and erase! The cat was my first attempt and rather messy- I am addicted now and keep 3Ding all kind of pictures. Good luck.
whistlingboy anancy8 years ago
Okay anancy. Just learning like a couple of other people but I'm glad Andrew posted this instructable because it is really exciting visualizing the possibilities. I really appreciate you replying and I hope you post more pics. I'll let you know if I can figure out the masking. Thank you much!
HubmaN8 years ago
Damn, I'm still waiting for Adobe Photoshop for Mac OS X for Intel to come out!
geoemt8 years ago
One more image, Thanks again for posting the tutorial. Guillermo
amcq geoemt8 years ago
very good use of the technique... I'm amazed at how well you can "see" what the 3-d effect will be.
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
miles_star geoemt8 years ago
i tried to save the picture once i finished it and the gimp program gave me an error message and closed, my picture with it... is there anyway to avoid that in the future... do i need to download something else.
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
Hola Guillermo soy kobayachi del foro de armas blancas, mandame las 2 multiherramientas, ya las he pagado.
Ex-plorador geoemt8 years ago
Hola Guillermo soy Ex-plorador del Foro de armas blancas. Te recuerdo que me debes una Wave Black. Contestame a mi mail y mandamela ya. Ex-plorador
amcq8 years ago
This is actually my 2nd attempt. First had a bad subject, and was just being used to get the idea. I really like this instructable, and plan on using this for a few more images in the future.
chforge8 years ago
This was my first attempt at this...I am finding it quite addictive. Nice instructible.
3d steamer.jpg
geoemt8 years ago
Thanks for this great tutorial!!!!! I just finished my first project, it took me almost 3 hours (did not have experience with any type of editing software) and had to learn how to use some of the basic tools and techniques, please tell me what do you think? Thanks again!! Guillermo
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
KOBAYACHI geoemt8 years ago
Hola Guillermo soy kobayachi, haz el favor de contestarme a los emails.
Ex-plorador geoemt8 years ago
Hola Guillermo soy Ex-plorador del Foro de armas blancas. Ya sabes.
Andrew546 (author)  geoemt8 years ago
Very nice! I like it!
robonut625 Andrew5468 years ago
Very nice! Good job, Guillermo!
dannosliwcd8 years ago
Good tutorial. I probably shoulda looked through the comments before working on mine because I made the same mistake as Ph. Once I got half-done with mine I remembered how much I hate masking the sky. This is a photo of a crane near the Flight 93 Crash site taken a year or two ago. I noticed someone asked about working around hair and the sky... I used a magic wand tool that selects things of similar colors to what you click on. I also just set compression a little higher than I normally do and that helped cover up a few mistakes.
islandjuice8 years ago
My version done with photoshop some while ago
Rossm19568 years ago
My simple application of this technique.
fredfortin8 years ago
It's a really nice effect thanks for the idea!
erik.teichmann8 years ago
Supergroovy. I popped this one out in about 15 minutes. I'll have to fool more with it. The shadow didn't fall outside of the "picture frame", so I didn't really mess with it.
Monse8 years ago
 Is my first..:S ok i hope that you like it..it's my picture ok...
SharkBait8 years ago
Wow I'm impressed everyone has done a good job.

If you want to see my attempt I posted it on my website:
It's of a Pagani Zonda F
mcsoccer118 years ago
This is my First try it isnt good compared to the others. The image is a honda concept cycle
J-Fly mcsoccer118 years ago
its not bad, just a little rough around the edges. this is what i would expect for a first timer. i was immensely impressed by the previous people saying those pictures were the first ones they did. those are amazing for first timers.
J-Fly8 years ago
Why is everyone doing a solid color for their first layer? until this last guy marczinger, nobody had actually put the 3d stuff anywhere, they just had them floating in grey nothingness. it wouldnt be any harder to put a normal picture back there, just roughly match the angle and DoF
ph8 years ago
Ok; I am a half-century-old now and trying to learn something new EVERYDAY!
This instructables site is fantastic. My first endeavor at this 3D effect (my grandson on his cycle) took me a full weekend, as I had never before used any photo-editing program beyond the 'enhance' or 'crop' functions of Kodak. However, I think my latest effort is phenomenal and I hope you like it too. (We were on a 'crazy lady' weekend in the big city!) This process certainly is addictive!
Andrew546 (author)  ph8 years ago
Wow, the crane is excellent! Did you have to mask the space between every cross member on the boom or was the existing background okay?
ph Andrew5468 years ago
Thanks, Andrew; That crane passed within a few feet of our room and was rather spectacular to watch. I think this made the best angle and yes, I had to mask every single bit of dreary February sky from the crossbeams! I found that magnifying the pic to about 600% made a huge difference...as did copious amounts of ibuprofen for my poor hand. I learned that the 'snap-to' function for the last line of the freehand selection worked great for the angles, and saved a lot of time. However, I think my next one will be a bit simpler. Also, if you had put a different background on this pic, what would you have chosen? Would it go in the 'transparent' background layer, or in another layer in between? So much to learn, so little time in the day! Thanks for your encouragement. Peggy
preacherski8 years ago
this is a great but complex thing to do. Do you have any suggestions where a total noobie to GIMP like me should start b4 i pick up this kind of skills?
Andrew546 (author)  preacherski8 years ago
check out the GIMP tutorials on this page.

I'm thinking about doing some more newbie-oriented tutorials when I get a chance, but I haven't had time yet.
flightmech738 years ago
Well Ive been messing with this thing for 3 days now. A Picture a day. I gata say its my new toy. thanx
3Dish star trek.jpgstewart flyen.jpgtara 20.jpg
Hi everyone! This is my first post. I am new to Instructables but have been doing projects from it for about a year now. Ive attached some of my work I just finished today. It was an assignment in my Multimedia Design class. Hope you like it! I had to make the HUD bar myself. I look forward to being a part of the instructables community, and hope to put some of my projects up!
Andrew546 (author)  JakeManes8 years ago
I love how the people are stepping though the HUD, it looks great!
marczinger8 years ago
Nice instructable. I go one step beyond and blend the 3D image on another image, instead a grey or colored background. I think the effect is reinforced with that. The crop mask is ugly but the crocodile image is from internet an with very poor quality. It took me about 7 minutes to get the final image.
Andrew546 (author)  marczinger8 years ago
sweet, I like it! good idea!
abby trois8 years ago
Thank you for this instuctable. I have just downloaded the Gimp and found this a useful way to familiarize myself with its functions. Here is my first try, it's pretty rough, but in my defense the cat and her background were about the same color.
swtch8 years ago
Great tutorial, actually used this for a Photoshop class I'm taking.
pinuccio8 years ago
Hum, ok.

I want to add something. You might notice that most images in this (and many other similar) forum are nice, but all suffer from common problems:

1st: they don't look 3D. No more than the original image did. They look what they are: cut out images on a (usually) constant color background. The framed picture is often unimportant in the final composition.

2st: they don't look "something 3D coming out of a picture". Not at all. This is because the "picture" doesn't look like one, but rather like a magic portal. The "3D" object is coming out of this portal. Through the portal we see the 3D environment. Or, there is a picture somewhere, and an object is sitting near to this picture, both on white background. Either is not very interesting.

In my opinion, there is a way to solve both problems and achieve more compelling results (that will also keep people wondering about how you did it a tad longer):
keep the 3D / 2D ambiguity. It must still look like a picture. Try to enforce that. Compared to the 2D picture, the 3D subject will pop out a lot.

Here is my way to achieve that ambiguity:

1st: large framed images, small borders.

2nd: the frame must make sense. For example, it could follow some plane in the image. The 2D image should make sense on its own. It must feel like a picture if it was seen from the front, not a random cropped image.

3rd: the out-of-frame part of the subject CAN be very small. It is often a good idea that it is very small. This way, chances are that the subject will look partially bond to the image. 3D - 2D ambiguity.
(don't worry, the visual part of the brain will still go "what the hell is that thing coming out of the picture?" even if it detects only a few pixels out of the boundary).

4th: ideally, the subject should interact with something inside the image, and this something should be totally part of the image.

5th: use your imagination to achieve the 3D-2D effect. Many tricks can be tried.
dpp12 attempt is a nice example (too bad it still totally looks like a portal.
Avoid portal effects.)

My attempt: ( larger view here )
suziea8 years ago
I have really enjoyed having a go at this and it has taught me a lot about GIMP - particularly in relation to masks. My picture is nowhere as good as some of the others but it was a first attempt.
3D car.jpg
waterman8 years ago
nice... i did this in half an hour.. and i must say i am beginner in gimp...as i am used with photoshop... but NICE... keep it up man... look what my car changed into :D
poza3d.JPGmasina3d 2.jpg
mr.explosive8 years ago
ummmm...i was wondering if u can do this with computer games?cuz i have cod2 and my freind wants a kool pic(but that is dif story) and this would beeeeee soooooooo sweeeeeetttt but i need new details and stuff like that.if u know if i can and if u can tell me how plz and i mean PLZ tell me.
Kandykornhead8 years ago
I can't stop! This is very fun! Thanks Andrew!
zwild18 years ago
Awesome instructable... but I'm having a heck of a time making a "layer mask" in photoshop. Anyone have any ideas?
bugmenotagain8 years ago
I got lost at step 5 and abandoned the project. I guess this tut is meant only for experienced people. :( Nice Tut anyway
technosapien8 years ago
Selecting areas around tricky shapes is a good job for paths, if you have a steady hand and are patient. I used a picture of a Qrio robot I took at a museum as a practice for doing this instructable, and went around the whole outline of the robot, each nook cranny, gear and joint, with the "Create and Edit Paths" tool. It did a terrific job, too. There are tutorials and such on using selection paths out there, perhaps they may help you for selecting around hairs. However many of the same tricks you can use in Photoshop work in GIMP, just that they may have different names.....
technosapien8 years ago
Awesome tutorial. I would suggest adding to this step: after painting shadows on the background layer, switch to the Frame layer, lock the transparency, and airbrush some shadows on the frame itself. I will really make the object jump, since the shadow will cast from the light source more realistically if they cover all areas that should be in shadow. Thanks for the great Instructable!
jc20068 years ago
Great tutorial! . . . I had to try this one myself . . . here's my results . . .
LakeLivin8 years ago
Nice! Haven't had a chance to try it myself yet, but I thought of something that might be an interesting twist for certain photos. I printed out a couple of the examples above to test it and the results were pretty cool.

The twist is to use an exacto knife to trim around the "distorted frame" and the parts of the picture outside of the frame. I noticed a couple of things I thought might be worth noting if anyone is considering this:

  • Probably want a fair amount of the original picture inside the 'distorted frame', and obviously not too complex a shape outside of it (can you imagine trying to cut around the guide's hair in the pic below?).
  • Even though you're not losing any of the image, the 'cut-out' pic appears alot smaller than the '3-D' pic, so you may want to start with a larger image than you would if you're not going to trim (heh, heh, heh, he said 'trim').
  • Probably want a reasonably strong (thick) frame if you're gonna trim (heh, heh, heh, he said it again!).
  • Might want to skip the shading step since you can't shade the part outside the frame. Correspondingly, this might not be a good option for pics where shading is important to the composition (enough of the Beavis & Butthead imitations already!).
  • I could see mounting the original pic to backerboard and then trimming it if one wanted a way to hang it.
Like I said, just a small twist on the project that some might find interesting...

Mbrito8 years ago
WOW! What fun this is!
conordjpc8 years ago
I took a stab at your banner. Its a bit rough but a start? also a quick try at one of my own.

Are you speaking of mine? I didn't see it in your link? Thanks!
dpp128 years ago
Awesome tutorial! 45 minutes later and wallah. . .
Andrew546 (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for the compliments everyone!

I wanted to show you some of the possibilities for variations, so I made this one.
The person pictured is NOT me, its Jim, the crazy Park Ranger/Tour Guide I took a tour with at the Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico last year. I think he had spent a little too much time in the middle of nowhere...

The hair was a pain in the butt.
neweditor Andrew5468 years ago
How did you do the selection around his hair? Thanks for your help in advance.
Andrew546 (author)  neweditor8 years ago
I did it the slow and dirty way.

First I made a new brush that had very low hardness (super fuzzy) and that was an oblong shape. Look at the pictures I linked to below for more info

brushes dialog
brush editor

Then, I took the airbrush and set it to about 30-40 percent opacity and set both rate and pressure at about 10.

Next, working in the layer mask, I zoomed in real close and started adding little wisps of black (transparent in the layer mask) in the really small details of the hair. I then turned the opacity up slightly, enlarged the brush, and went over the edges some. I kept doing this until i had a relatively smooth look, and ended up with what you see.

When I put in shadows, I used a huge brush with the airbrush (same settings as above) and went around his head, adding subtle shadows to create some depth and make the transition look smoother.

As you can tell, this is not something you can do quickly or easily. I spent a loooooong time on the hair. The key when doing it this way is the brush. None of the pre-made brushes will work, you have to make your own. Just keep messing around until you get it right.
noire Andrew5468 years ago
nutty. i wish i had that much spare time, man. :)
neweditor Andrew5468 years ago
Thanks a lot Andrew for taking the time to respond. As the saying goes, nothing worth doing is easy! :) You have definitely paid some dues in time with Gimp. I have a better chance at winning the lottery than ever figuring out this technique. Is it just impossible or nearly to come up with some kind of filter or script that mask hair or whatever it is that needs done? You would think someone could make a lot of $$$ by building this as I would assume it would be fairly common task people wish to do, not to mention the amount of time it probably takes to get it really right. Thanks again!!
Andrew546 (author)  neweditor8 years ago
"Is it just impossible or nearly to come up with some kind of filter or script that mask hair or whatever it is that needs done?" I think there probably are better ways and tools available to do this, but I didn't bother to learn or find them, so I ended up doing it the hard way I described.
yvesbigben8 years ago
I like that, well done.
Kandykornhead8 years ago
Thanks this is fun! One noob friendly tip is that in step four you might mention that you have to select the frame before doing the perspective tool. As you can see, I need to go back to art class to learn about perspective. Also, the perspective tool, it seems to do the opposite of what I expect it to do. Hard to explain. I finally tried to approximate the opposite of what I wanted when dragging corners and that got me close. I know I'm clueless, the main thing is, thank you!
I agree... perspective tool is kinda whacky!
robonut6258 years ago
Here's my first try
neefsttef8 years ago
Hi, nice tut. Got the image from sxc.hu. stefan
bravargas8 years ago
Great tutorial, only takes me 1 hour!
Out of Bounds Joyce2.JPG
dmchord8 years ago
Ok, I think I figured out how to get the picture here
3D Car.jpg
dmchord8 years ago
This is a very cool effect, Andrew. Thanks for the tutorial. If I can get this pic to upload, you'll see I'm having trouble with perspective and shadows, but that will come with practice. Do you know how to do the reflection, like in Sans pic? It doesn't look like I can get this picture to show up on this page.
socialone758 years ago
Thanks alot for the help ryanlerch, that tutorial that you send me was alot more helpful for newbies, Here is what i came up with for my fiance...
socialone758 years ago
i would like to do this with a picture of me and my fiance, but i cannot seem to be able to follow the instructions. can someone help me?
nicu has also done a gimp tutorial which creates the same effect, you may find it easier to follow:

Sans8 years ago
Nice tutorial. I added a gradient background and chose a reflective surface instead of shadows.
Kyran and Cookie.jpg
MissDreamer Sans8 years ago
wow i like how u did the reflection.. good job!
i did a tutorial on reflective text, that may help you do a reflection like the one above.

the perspective tool might also help in achieving the above effect too...

heres the link:
schiffm38 years ago
I really loved this tutorial! Here's what I came up with:
MissDreamer8 years ago
wow i really love this tutorial!!! i used adobe photoshop 7.01 to do these =) The one with my daughter kinda looks weird cuz that's the 1st time i tried it..
hehe THANKS ALOT Andrew!
Heartlander8 years ago
Can anyone play with the following photo to make it look as though the fish is jumping out of the image?
Banner Image

It is currently displayed On This Page

I have been trying, with no luck yet : (
Anyone willing to help with this is welcome to link to their sites and/or works on the website!
Andrew546 (author)  Heartlander8 years ago
that really isn't a picture that would work well with this technique. Its too small, the fish doesn't look active, and it has zero perspective. This technique will only highlight a picture's pre-existing strong perspective - it won't work well on pictures with such flat perspective. Notice how in all the pictures posted in the comments they all have very distinct perspective. Thats why they work well.
Dang! LOL I'd still like to create something similar with a "fishy" theme. ; )
Andrew546 (author) 8 years ago
I'm glad to see everyone is enjoying this!! I love all the pictures everyone has made, they're excellent! I'm going to edit some steps to address the questions everyone has been posting, so check back soon.
terrap8 years ago
Nice tutorial...using GimpShop so a couple things needed to be hunted for, but great job....here is my work.
reveiled8 years ago
This is mine
before and after
nice tutorial
view my collection here
View My Collection
mostkillingest8 years ago
Just saw this tutorial on another site a few days ago. None of the screens were the same though. Your results look good. I did a few for a friend off the other tutorial. Very easy.
Andrew546 (author)  mostkillingest8 years ago
I highly doubt you "saw this tutorial on another site a few days ago", seeing as I just created this from my own original images, screen shots, and text a couple hours ago (thus "none of the screens were the same") What you would have seen is a tutorial for the same technique. But in the interest of full disclosure, I by no means devised this technique, I'm just presenting my understanding of it for the instructable community.
ambiguus Andrew5468 years ago
Yeah, the technique was done a couple years ago (http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2288434), although they did not have instructions on GIMP. To which i have to say THANKS!!! It's great to see people putting things out for GIMP. Keep up the good work!
neweditor8 years ago
Can you give more step exactly how you do this? How do you erase the frame? How do you blur the edges where the frame meets the subject? Thanks
neweditor8 years ago
Can you please elaborate more on Step 5 in how you are doing the tracing? Which tool are you using? What is the best approach at tracing? Please explain it step-by-step for someone who has never done photo editing or used Gimp? Also, what if you mess up, what do you recommend? This looks really outstanding and I'm excited to alter my first image! Thanks and keep up the great work.
cptgame446 neweditor8 years ago
superman2 copy.jpg
timeinseconds8 years ago
Very Cool
whit_wolf18 years ago
Well.. i gave it a try tell me what you think, Thanks for the instructions ill be messing with this for a while
Bannana8 years ago
Here is the one that I made! I also changed the background and distorted the background as well as the part of the car that was out of the frame.
moktoipas8 years ago
Great tutorial ! I like this idea :) Here is my attempt, "Evil swan coming out of the frame" :D
robonut6258 years ago
I really like this technique! I'll have to make some of these!
GrafixMan3068 years ago
dude that is sweet i never thoughtabout useing the gimp to do that ty!!
brian258 years ago
I like this tutorial. It needs some tweaking on little steps for beginners as I have never used gimp, but I am used to photoshop so there was a little learning curve, but not too big. I've used it to create some 3d images of my daughter. Take a look. I need some more practice, but I like the technique a lot. Thanks again.
Hailey 3D.jpgHailey 3D-2.jpg
Andrew546 (author)  brian258 years ago
"It needs some tweaking on little steps for beginners as I have never used gimp" Let me know what you want tweaked, and I'll do my best to make it easier for GIMP newbies to understand. Nice job with the pics of your daughter. It looks like you forgot to turn the Frame layer back up to 100% opacity on the first one though!
jeffreyf8 years ago
Excellent Instructable!
FrenchCrawler8 years ago
Nice.... Excellent job!!!
T3h_Muffinator8 years ago
I, much like Mostkillingest also saw a tutorial on the same technique on a different site (via stumbling, of course). You make it much clearer in this instructable though. Awesome job, you pics look great! Also, now that I've seen this awesome effect for a second time, I really have to try it. Thanks for motivating my lazy bum!
StepsoftheSun8 years ago
That really looks fantastic. GIMP, for some reason, was intimidating to me the first time I tried it. I'll have to give it another go...
HamO8 years ago
Beautiful!! Excellent Instructable. I now plan on trying GIMP. Thanks for sharing. Is there a short hand for "Instructable"?
GreenDay8 years ago
ya, a rc10gt and a rs4 2
PetervG8 years ago
This is really good! Very creative!