Creating a Base-Station for Use With An Autonomous Vehicle.

Picture of Creating a Base-Station for Use With An Autonomous Vehicle.
This Base-Station was originally conceived as the control centre for FishPi's Proof-O-f-Concept Vehicle (POCV). I had in mind an aluminium flight case with a keyboard, mouse, LCD, and a USB Hub along with extensions for USB & Networking. The Base-Station would connect direcftly to the POCV via a 32-pin umbilical.

In this instructable I will demonstrate how to build your own accompanying Base-Station.
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Step 1: Parts.

The Base-Station has gone through three major development stages. Any additional parts used within a new development will be detailed later in this 'ible.

Initially the Base-Station featured;

There are no batteries inside the Base-Station. Power is supplied from either a 12v car battery, or a 12v PSU.

Several months ago I built the LapPi, a Raspberry Pi Laptop. There are many similarities between the two. It is worth noting that although the LapPi was published first, work on the Base-Station had began well before the LapPi's completion.

Step 2: Repairs

Picture of Repairs
The 12" IBM LCD I planned to use didn't work. The back-lights had failed. Before I could continue they needed to be replaced.

I shall spare you the exact details on how to do this, there are quite a few guides on Instructables detailing how to replace failed CCFL back-lights in LCDs.

In short one dismantles the LCD, removing the LCD panel from the enclosure. In larger screens it is normal for there to be two CCFL tubes, sometimes even four, but on this smaller screen there is only one.

Taking a slow and methodical approach to swapping the back-lights is the best way to tackle the repair. The CCFL tubes are delicate and rushing will only lead to accidents.

It should take around one hour to replace a single CCFL tube correctly.

Now that the LCD has been repaired we can continue with the Base-Station build.
tomzbeast1 year ago
pleas make me one ill pay you a lot of money
Can I go on the Internet with this vehicle base
What is the weight of the case with everything in it?
vincent75202 years ago
We humans are bizarre animals : all this work for playing with a toy !!!!…
All other species must scratch their head when watching us. ;)))

Thumbs up !
qquuiinn2 years ago
Any alternatives for the Seijn SPR keyboard w/trackball that are cheap(er)? 51 euros or 62 USD seems to be a bit much for a wired keyboard for a PI setup.
SilverJimny (author)  qquuiinn2 years ago
It is quite a specialised item so the price will be higher than standard.
You could have a look at the Keysonic KSK-3201RF Super-Mini Slim Wireless Media HTPC Keyboard - 2.4Ghz with Trackball