Picture of Creating a Bluetooth wireless scrollwheel
I find it difficult to use those builtin mousewheel scrollers, and even the two-finger scroll gesture can be inconvenient at times.  After discovering the Bluefruit EZ-Key and seeing the USB Volume knob project, I knew what I had to do.

After liberating a rotary encoder and weighted knob from an old USB sound board that no longer worked, I started soldering.  

Edit: The code and Fritzing diagrams are available at https://github.com/rmd6502/BluetoothEncoder .  Note that the Fritzing sketch shows a Trinket 5v, this is incorrect - it needs to be a Trinket 3.3v

Step 1: Wire It Up

Picture of Wire It Up

This is pretty straightforward - just wire it up as shown in the attached image.  Since I'd used a nonstandard rotary encoder, I had to solder it to another board to get the pin spacing right.

lee.fewtrell7 months ago

Excellent tutorial, any chance of a link to the USB Volume knob project