Picture of Creating a Brochure Using Microsoft Office
This tutorial will explain how to create a professional brochure using Microsoft Publisher version 2007.

The following are written instructions that will highlight important steps.

A video tutorial is also provided below. The video portion is more in depth and can clarify any questions or confusion that may arise.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
step 1 part 2.png

1.     Open Microsoft Office Publisher 2007.

2.       Under the “Popular Publication Types” page, click on the “Brochures” folder.

3.       Under the “Brochures” heading, click on the (1.1) “Blank Sizes” link.

4.       Click on the brochure layout you want to use.

                NOTE: For these instructions, we’re using the blank (1.2)  Letter (Landscape) 11in x 8.5in” layout.

5.     Look for the “Business Information ” box on the right of the screen. Click on (1.3) “Create New” in the scroll box.

6.      Click on the (2.1) Add Logo” link and choose the picture you want to use for your logo and click the “Insert” box.

7.      In the  (2.2)Business Information Set Name ” box, enter the name you will save the information under. Click “Save” (the box will close). At the bottom right-hand corner, click on “Create .”

Step 2: Set Up

Picture of Set Up
step 2 2.png

1.  Click on the  “arrange ” tab on the toolbar above.

2.  On the dropdown menu, select (1)layout guides” and select the  (2) “Margin Guides” tab and choose desired margin spacing.

3.  Choose the desired margin spacing under the  (3) grid guides” tab and select the number of columns by clicking on the up arrow.

       NOTE: We are using 3 columns and have lowered the margin spacing to 0”.

4. Choose the amount of spacing between columns. And click “OK” when finished.

         NOTE: We are using .2” spacing.

Step 3: Background

Picture of Background
step 3..png

1.      Click on the “format” tab on the toolbar and select “background” in the drop down menu.

2.      On the left side of the page, under the “background” task pane, select desired pre-set background.


trinirican3 years ago
How do you get to “Popular Publication Types? ‘”
You should also specify what is the tool bar.
Appreciated that you included how to quickly do a task if necessary and also how to navigate through the document to find specific instructions when told to redo previous steps.
The notes were helpful because they explained why a specific task was being done; the last note should have been placed earlier in the document (save your work Periodically).
Also the pictures were unclear at times. To help solve some of the un-clarity, you should indicate what step was being shown in the picture.
sheffner1233 years ago
The video in the begining is very informative, and I love how you zoomed in on certain aspects. Your steps are clearly outlined and the images directly apply to the steps. The only thing I could think to add would be examples of exactly what pages the font and pictures will end up on once the document is folded (for example, the last column on your example will be the front page of the finished brochure, the middle column could be the back, etc.). Other than that, great work! It's really easy to understand.
I really like the way your steps are set up, concise and clear, using boldface font to emphasize things that the user will be looking for on the screen is helpful. I can see how the video is helpful, but thirteen minutes is way too long for this sort of process, I don't think many people want to spend that much time watching a video. Otherwise, great documentation.

Samy I.B.
English 313
Your steps were short and clear, makes it very understandable
EngUA3133 years ago
If there was only one picture in each step that the numbers corresponded with, I think that could solve the number-picture issue. Overall, I love how you highlighted the steps in the pictures using numbers and color. This tutorial will come in handy for Project 3!
How did you zoom in and out of the screenshot for you video? I really liked that; I could tell exactly what I was supposed to look for and click on. Good job!
-Erin from ENGL 313
Excellent explanation of how to make a brochure.
Can you edit the instructions for step one however?
Seems that the repetition of numbers for the picture are confusing.
rhoga3 years ago
The pictures are much more helpful than before. Lookin' good. It would be nice to see a little more about making the inside of the brochure.
randofo3 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that, and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work.