This is my first Instructable. I'll show you how to create a cavity mold from which you can pull multiple ceramic tiles. It will take you through from the design stage right through to the finished product. I did this in my shed and in no way claim to be an expert so I welcome constructive comments. I just wanted to show that you don't always need a massive studio space to work with clay.

Once you have created your clay project the trickiest bit is getting it fired. I'm lucky enough to work in a high school where they do a lot of clay projects so their kiln is in use quite often. Even if I didn't work there I know there are craft clubs that will let out kiln space for a reasonable fee.

Clay is one of the earliest art materials and you really should get your hands dirty with it.

<p>I Think you have done a great job!! Congratulations on your first Instructable. J</p>
<p>This is really interesting. I never considfered making my own tuiles before. I mnight have to try this.</p>

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