In this Instructable I will be showing you how to create and save your own usable custom shapes for use in Photoshop.

For those unfamiliar with the custom shape tool, it allows you to insert a shape in a cookie cutter fashion into your document. Some of the shapes that come with the Photoshop software include arrows, hearts, stars and other basic shapes. The picture above shows where our finished product will end up. The second picture shows what the finished product in the menu looks like saved and ready to be used on projects.

My drive to learn this skill came from the sheer annoying repetitiveness of drawing an entire shape that I use over and over again in Photoshop projects.

This Instructable is targeted towards anyone with a basic knowledge of computers. Since these instructions tell exactly where and what buttons to use for each step no prior Photoshop knowledge is necessarily required. However if you have at least a small amount of exposure to Photoshop then the process is quite a bit easier.

What you need:
  • Computer
  • Photoshop installed on the computer you are using (I am using Adobe Photoshop CS5 for PC.)
  • Desired picture/shape saved on computer and/or access to the internet in order to obtain one.
In total this process should take around 1 hour depending on the complexity of the image and your skill level.

Note: For any of the pictures if something is too small to read you can click on the lowercase i in the upper left hand corner of the image to get more options for viewing sizes.

Alright let's begin!

Step 1: Import Image Into Photoshop

  1. Select the image that you are going to convert into a custom shape.
  2. Go to File-->Open and navigate to the folder containing your image and double click your image. (Only if you already have your desired image saved somewhere on your computer.)
  • Also if you want to use an image from the internet you can just create a new document (go to File--> New) and copy and paste the image from the source into the window.
<p>totally the longest way of doing it in history. </p><p>Use the selection tool, select the sections of the image you wish to convert to a shape, right click and click 'make workpath', then click 'edit define custom shape'</p><p>done</p>

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