Step 5: Convert Image Into a Custom Shape

Almost there! Just a little farther and you will be finished creating your custom shape. Only a couple clicks remain until your shape is ready for use.
  • At this point if you accurately placed your points for your shape you probably can only see the background image that we started with, as shown in the first picture.
1. Adjust the visibility
  1. Look to the layers window
  2. Select the shape 1 layer and change its opacity back to 100%
  3. Click the image of the eye to the left of the thumbnail on the background layer (As shown in picture 2)
  • This will turn off the visibility of the background image and leave you with only your final shape that we just finished tracing. (shown in picture 3)
2. Save shape
  1. Select the shape 1 layer
  2. Go to Edit--> Define Custom Shape as shown in picture 4
  3. Type in your desired shape name
  4. Click OK
  • The custom shape is now saved into the shape library of your Photoshop.
<p>totally the longest way of doing it in history. </p><p>Use the selection tool, select the sections of the image you wish to convert to a shape, right click and click 'make workpath', then click 'edit define custom shape'</p><p>done</p>

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