Step 6:

After the paint has dried peel away the stencil and hang up the sign.
<p>awesome job....we sell eggs too and I may steal your idea......very nice</p>
What a great idea! My sister-in-law makes custom <a href="http://www.newstylesigns.com" rel="nofollow">signs in Toronto</a> as well. I'm not sure of the materials that she uses, but I'm sure particle board is a part of her expertise.
Cool. Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed the information! I am looking more into finding site like the <a href="http://www.universalsign.com" rel="nofollow">signs in salt lake city</a>, but I really enjoyed this read! Keep up the great work!
Nice job! It's amazing how fast they pile up in the spring, isn't it? I miss my chickies! Yours are beautiful.
Nice Sign! Just a tip, you might want to correct &quot;Cool Hank Luke.&quot;
thanks for the proof reading!

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