Creating a Kayak Paddle Leash, never loose your paddle again!

Picture of Creating a Kayak Paddle Leash, never loose your paddle again!
So there I was minding my own business driving home from the store sipping on my Polar Pop and jamming to Conway Twitty on the FM Radio when I saw it!  A plain and boring yellow kayak sitting on a box in someone's front yard with a sign on it.  At first I though nothing of it, I live in a waterfront community everybody has kayaks and this one was nothing special.  Then I read the sign "$50"!   So I turned around and drive by the house slowly this time looking it over.  One more u-turn and I am creeping by and someone comes out of the house and waves at me, drat I have been caught!  So I stop and talk to "previous" owner for a few minutes, she just has one too many kayaks and even offers to throw in a paddle with it for $50.  We load the yak into the back of my 4runner and I head home the proud new owner of a rather plain yellow kayak!

So on to the Instructable!  In the theme of keeping this kayak cheap I have decided to make some accessories for it.  The first one being a paddle leash.  The kayak already had a bow line with a brass clip on it so I figures I just needed a way to attach the clip to the paddle, that is what I am making here.

So let's talk about what you need to make one of these, here is a list of what I used:
Sewing Machine and Thread
Nylon webbing/straps
Adhesive backed velcro
Grommet and installation tools

Note in the pictures I am using a walking foot sewing machine, I call it PacMan because of the loud munching noise it makes as it gobbles up material.  I am using a Blue V92 Dabond Polyester thread because it is what I had.  This project can easily be done with a medium to heavy duty home machine and a spool of heavy poly thread.

The straps, velcro, and grommet set are items I have bought at garage sales over the years so they were very cheap.  If you have to buy them Home Depot sells a grommet kit that is not too expensive.

So now let's go to the next step and see how to make this.
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acatello1 year ago
nice job I used a body board leash works great
thanks for the assistance. I used paracord on one and weedeater cord on another
This is so smart - looks really professional too. Great job!
jskingry (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks for the comment!