Step 2: Sewing the velcro, this is going to be the finest kayak paddle leash ever!

So it's time to sew!

Start by wrapping your straps around the paddle to get a rough size for both legs of the strap.  Cut the strap at this point, you want just enough strap to ALMOST wrap all the way around the paddle, make it about 1/8" short of a full wrap.

I used adhesive backed velcro because it makes sewing real easy  because it holds in place, also it just so happened to be what I had one hand.  Stick down the first strip, remember one leg will have velcro on the inside and the other leg will have it on the outside, this is because on leg wraps around the other.  Sew the first piece down, I sew around the entire piece of velcro and then sew an X in the middle to make sure it is held down good.  Install and sew the second piece of velcro and now you have a good strap to fit to your paddle.

I really thought I was done at this point, but when I looked at the strap installed on the paddle I did not like that stiff tag sticking out so something had to be done about it.  I needed another piece of strap and velcro to go over that tag.  So on to the next step to wrap this thing up!