When it snows, I love to go outside and create snowmen.  It drove me crazy though, when my kids used my good gloves, hat etc. to decorate their snowmen.  Somehow my good stuff became more mundane the longer it was used by the snowmen.  One day someone told me about snowmen kits. It was a package that held everything you would need to decorate a snowman.  So it has eyes, nose, buttons, hat, and scarf for the basics.  Not too long after that, I was told about Mini Snowmen.  No taller than 12 inches, just the right size to sit on my front step.  Something clicked and I created mini snowmen kits.  So here we go, on Creating a Miniature Snowman Kit.

Step 1:

Orange Sculpty Clay (to make carrot noses +/- $2 per pkg.)
Black Sculpty Clay (to make eyes +/- $2 per pkg.)
Buttons (for buttons)
Fleece (for hats and scarves)
Use of an oven
Sewing machine
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Zip lock bag (to store the stuff in, between uses)
Cutest idea and pic. I've ever seen! Looks like sooo much fun, I'm sold! You're very creative!
WhAt is the white thing
It is a polymer clay cupcake. I needed a dingle dangle for pack meetings that was a cupcake, for the Blue and Gold banquet. So I scupted a little cupcake and dried it in the oven with the snowman stuff. I then used a latex mold builder, and created several molds then I poured hydrocal gypsom clay/water into the molds and made many little cupcakes. Painted them all blue and gold. Worked out great.
ohh okay thx
WhAt is the white thing
This is a must-have kit... and a SUPER clever idea, too! Voted. ;-)
Thank you!

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