Picture of Create a Mural for your Cycling Boudoir (or whatever)
This instructable will teach you how to make a wall mural fast and easy with an overhead projector. It's really not very difficult. You probably need to do this over a period of two days, but not too many hours are involved.

My family is into cycling, A LOT! We live next to the Minuteman Bikepath, the busiest bike path in the USA. We use part of our basement as our cyclery (or bike boudoir). And it looked like a dungeon down there!

So we decided to spruce up the basement with some floor paint, and a mural.

You need some stuff:

1) Some art - your own original or a poster perhaps
2) An overhead transparency projector - or a modern PC projector
3) Some paint (latex house paint is fine), you can scrounge from your paint stash or buy small inexpensive samples at the hardware store.

Step 1: Choose the art you want to use.

Picture of Choose the art you want to use.
We saw this Nike poster in a cycling magazine and we thought it would be awesome! It's simple in design and colorful! We are not mural artists but we had heard of the technique of using an overhead projector. So we figured that the simpler the better.

Kiteman7 years ago
Nice project, well-described.

For your next mission, the cyclists on the site will want to know how you made the racks in the first image of step 4.
Chico (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Thanks! I bought those racks when I lived in a condo, they are called Pole-Cats. The hold 2 bikes each. They would be easy to make yourself I suppose. But most of our bikes (we have several others) hang from simple bike hooks from boards we screwed into the ceiling. The advantage of the Pole-Cat is that it requires no drilling and it doesn't damage the ceiling or the floor, which is important if you live in an apartment/condo.
Kiteman Chico7 years ago
Oh! I thought you had made them yourselves. (And as for the little people at the back, why not cut out pictures of yourselves or favourite cyclists and stick them in place, collage-style?)
Chico (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Ah that would be cool, great idea! Paste our friends back there getting dusted! HA HA!!
Kiteman Chico7 years ago
When you've done, don't forget to add an extra couple of steps to the Instructable!
Really cool job, but in the picture, I don't see the people in the back on their bikes! :P
Chico (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
We were going to paint the people in the back...but then we realized it required some work...and maybe more skill :) Maybe we'll get inspired and add them this winter.