Creating a Ninja Mask





Introduction: Creating a Ninja Mask

I will show you how to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt. At the end, it is really cool, but don't walk around carrying a gun in public with the mask on, You look like a terrorist.
P.S. I didn't make this up myself, I just didn't find an instructable about this so I decided to publish it.

Step 1: Getting the T-shirt

To start off the mask, first decide what color you want your mask to be. If you want red, get a red t-shirt, black, black t-shirt...etc. after that, turn the shirt inside out.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

First, Hold the t-shirt with the tag at the back. Then pull the t-shirt over your face so that you can see through the collar, but don't put your head totally through the collar. Next, using the sleeves, pull it tight on your face and tie a knot in the back. Make sure the knot is tight. After that, pull down the collar so you can only see a small part of your forehead, and stick the tag in one of the folds. then, take the bottom part of the collar and pull it up over your nose. Take the rest of bottom of the shirt and gently pull it down so it isn't scrunched up.

Step 3: You've Finished

You now have a ninja mask. You can wear it at Halloween or in an airsoft war to intimidate someone. This is my first instructable so please reply.



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    i am totally going to use this

    the biggest problem with this kind of masks is that you will have only one layer. it is handy only against sun but not in cold winds/ rain. i suggest you use 2 t-shirts: 1 for the head and 1 for the face.

    Nice! I love it!

    Nice Dude! I'm wearing a ninja mask while I type this comment. Your pretty smart. you didnt...i saw this on a tee shirt at hot topic like two years ago

    I use to do this when I was 10. However it never gave me any mad ninja skillz.

    What theres no mad ninja skillz included?????//// Now i dont want to make it DANGIT!

    um yeah cool, but your right.. no ninja skills included with package...

    I tried this with a sweater to keep my face warm while shoveling snow. It works awesome!

    this is awsome! i could make like 50 of these with all of my old t-shirts.THANKS!!!!

    1 reply

    yeah, but could you wear all of them at once?

    Awesome this rules!

    Great instructable! As soon as I found this I put on the rest of my ninja uniform and ran around the block! Luckily enough, nobody called the police, even though I was carrying my sword.

    1 reply

    sword,.......... wow im surprised too

    "pull down the collar so you can only see a small part of your forehead" I wish I could see my own forehead :( Lawl, nice instructable, it's simple and effective, just like a Ninja!

    iv seen 2 instructables like this already but this is more thourgh

    LOL I did this back in 1987! While this is a basic idea, you can improve upon it. Perhaps I should re-create it and post a follow-up instructable.