Introduction: Creating a Powerful Heat Sink From Old Parts

This is a powerful heat sink with its ice cold temperature. That can use to cool any transistor that get a destroying warm up.

Step 1: Collecting Up Things Required

Components list
2 - 12volts computer cabinet cooler
A CPU processor Cooling fan heat sink
Nut and bolts
And Rubber bands many

Step 2: Combining of Fan

Combine two fans in way to get a powerful air flow.

Step 3: Putting Nut and Bolts on Their Position

screw them tightly.

Step 4: Giving Postion to Heat Sink

Place heat sink on the fan where you will get air outlet.

Step 5: To Keep Heat Sink on Its Position

To keep heat sink on its postion put rubber bands on it. As shown in image. Repeat rubber band round two times and do with all four sides.

Step 6: Wiring Up Both Fans

Parallel both fans.
Red wire of both fans together and black also together and and a main wire.

Step 7: And We Are Ready to Go.

If you want to use it for your transistor put a hole on the flat round shape side and swrew up yor transistor and this will work very good.


seamster made it! (author)2016-02-24

Nice work! It's always nice to see how old parts can be put to good use like this! :)

yashs14 made it! (author)yashs142016-02-24

Thanks ! for your good comment this will help me to make more stuffs.

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