Step 12: Foundation, Superstructure and Pedestal

From a project management perspective, the foundation and pedestal had to be poured inline with the casting. 30" deep of concrete was poured as a foundation. Originally we planned to have a solid black granite rock carved and imported, but this offered a risk of missing our deadline. The granite rock was going to weigh 100k lbs and the foundation was poured to support that.

An elongated and tapered octagon was chosen as the pedestal design. The concrete form had to be designed in CAD to ensure precision. The form needed external and internal support. Once poured and given some cure time, the pedestal was ready for its decorative granite.

Tan brown granite slabs were precision cut and installed over the cement pedestal form. Before being installed, we had the WSU logo waterjet cutout and inlaid and also had a dedication sandblast etched into the front facing granite slab. Since the cement continues to dry out and contract, it is not only important to have strong re-bar to reinforce the form, but it was also important to add a rubber bladder between the granite and the cement. This allows the granite to float on the granite. It turned out the granite weighed almost as much as the bronze cougar!

Next, the solid steel rod was epoxied in place.  We needed to have a custom welded support to make sure the rod was perfectly vertical since the tubing was quite a bit larger than the rod. The cougar would suspend on this rod, floating just above the granite. We cut out a rubber pad to place on the granite to eliminate the gap and avoid chatter between the bronze and granite.