Step 16: Scanning, 3d Printing and SLA

Picture of Scanning, 3d Printing and SLA
left 4 sections.jpg
Right 4 sections.jpg
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Now that the monument is in place and ready for the dedication it is time to make some small bronze replicas to be sold to alumni. The monument was first scanned with a large format scanner and then a high resolution ATOS scan was performed and stitched over the large format scan to maximize resolution and the accuracy of overall geometry - marvelously performed by Additive Workshop. 

We would be creating an 11", 18" and 30" version, the latter had to be created using SLA because it was not feasible on the smaller format Objet printer. The 11" and 18" were printed on the Objet which has greater detail than SLA (amazing detail in fact). 

The sculpture had to be digital cut up to best plan for rapidprototyping.  It is an optimization problem as the printer creates build lines which reduce detail.  For example if you were printing a long cone you would want to print it with the tip up to maximize resolution but this would increase build time and therefore cost. 

Kelyniam Engineering/ M2 Systems did the SLA work and put a lot of time into creating hexagonal male/female fittings so that each part would be precisely come together. Additive Workshop did the Objet printing and did a great job as well. 

A note, make sure that proper internal structure is printed inside the sculpture. This will minimize sag and other deformation as 3d printing had some issues maintaining overall geometry on larger prints (not referring to resolution).

Here is an example video of the Objet machine at work: